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A mad scientist is trying to use you in her plan to end racism. What do you do? (see hypothetical situation).

Asked by phaedryx (6118points) November 1st, 2010

(based on a dream I had last night)

You are kidnapped by a mad scientist and held against your will. “Why are you doing this to me?!” you demand. She tells you “we are too judgmental when it comes to outward appearance. I have taken genetic samples from people all over the world and have figured out the average of most physical traits. I have created a super-virus that will alter the appearance of anyone infected to become closer to that average. If you have dark skin it will become lighter, if you have light skin it will become darker. Blue eyes will become browner. In the end everyone will look about the same, and so will their kids (did I mention this alteration is hereditary?). I have chosen you as my patient zero. Anyone who is exposed to you will be infected and so on. I’ve ensured that my super-virus is incurable.” She then drugs you again. You wake up in a park where she has dumped you. You notice that you features have already begun to change. Everything she claimed is true.

Now what do you do? Do you purposely infect people? Do you seclude yourself? Do you try to find a cure? Do you think this plan will make things better or worse?

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I hunt her down and beat her @ss for thinking everybody should be the same. ;)

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Quarantine myself. It’s definitely not something that I’d want to see spread.

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If you gave it to her would it make her more tolerant of those different?

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I’d give her a big hearty mad scientist laugh, then go home for tea.

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The joke’s on her! I wouldn’t change much. I’ve seen a photo of how people like that would look, and the composite woman looked like me.

I’d turn her in, though. Nobody has the right to do such things to others. As if such a plan would stop -isms, anyway. Humans would find another gauge to make comparisons and divisions by. Haven’t we seen this all over the world already, most recently in Rwanda and in places like Bosnia and Serbia and so on? Those groups of people are barely genetically different at all, and they hate and fight like nobody’s business.

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No. I would not participate in her dirty scheme. I would beat her up, or attack her. It would be boring if everyone looked the same. That isn’t the solution though. It stems from our thoughts and not what we look like. That wouldn’t be the way to end racism. that would just be putting a big sheet over it.

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The joke is on the mad scientist. The judgment comes from the mindset of individuals. Even if it stopped people from judging others on their skin color, there would be other factors, just as there are today, e.g. gender, job title, nationality, income, lifestyle, disabilities. She would be better off focusing on wiping out stereotyping than on just on appearance.

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Ooooooh…. how delisciously diabolical!
What makes me different is the way I live… in addition to my incredible good looks… charm… exceptional size of my manhood (is 4 inches big?)...
and humility!
Mess with the size of my manhood… we got issues!!
The rest is ho-hum.

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I would be oh-so tempted to attend a white supremacist rally (incognito) and infect everyone there.

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I would hunt here down, sedate her, take her back to her lab, remove her breasts, and sew here vagina closed. When she wakes up as her new androgynous self I would tell here that it is simply the next logical step in her global scheme to wipe out discrimination.

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I tell her that my DNA is not compatible with her virus as I am not human.

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@YoBob Hey… Yo… Bob… you are scary!

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@Tomfafa I guess it’s just that Texas redneck philosophy. As comedian Bill White once put it (regarding capitol punishment):

“Here in Texas if you kill somebody and there is witnesses, we’ll kill you back!”

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A debate about gender equality on facebook is what set my opinion for this kind of situation. The slightly insane feminist of the discussion, who refused to listen to reason, made the comment that she wouldn’t mind socially engineering people to all respect women, if she could.

If given that kind of power, through crazy science or a virus (or any other medium, really), I would not use it. While I detest hate speech, I believe people have a right to their own feelings. Also, where do you draw the line in that kind of situation? If you had the ability to make everyone look the same, would you remove gender differences? How would people procreate? If two people disagreed about healthcare, would you infect them with something that would make them agree on something you think is right? What if you’re wrong? etc. etc.
Free speech and free thought all the way baby! Laws and regulations to prevent people from being physically harmed or bullied in a neutral zone.

If put in your specific situation, I would isolate myself bubbleboy style. Since she didn’t say how infectious the virus was and I believe in worst case scenario, it may already be too late but I’d try. Bubbleboy suit up, acquire weapons including a bomb, stash said bomb underneath her lab, attempt to extract a cure from lab. If successful, administer it to her and me and then send her off to cops. If not successful, blow the place and keep the two of us in the burning building. Fire is the best cure for viruses.
Also, I would not want to die outside of a fire in case the virus could spread from my dead body.

she wasn’t very smart in telling me what the virus did. If she hadn’t, I would have gone to a doctor about my changes and thus, infected a ton of people on the way there and in the hospital

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Racism is found not in the skin but in the mind.

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Now what I do is run for president and promote nationalized health care and gays in the military.

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I’d have to kill her for suggesting that everyone needs to look the same. I like looking different; it’s what makes me me.

Then I’d have to search for a cure.

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I’d just live my life as I did before. I would be mad that I wouldn’t have my blue eyes anymore but oh well. I wouldn’t search for a cure because so far everything she said was true and it would probably be a waste of time.
Oh yeah and that sounds like a pretty messed up dream.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Hopefully, we all appreciate looking different. Is that really what makes you you? We haven’t seen a photo of you on Fluther, but your personality, as well as all of the Jellies, comes across in its own distinct way. To me, that is much more important than physical appearance.

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I’d infect people.

I’d drive to O’hara, and walk down all the terminals… I’d go to supermarkets, walmarts, and coffee shops. I’d break into office buildings to catch the posh people. LOL. Man this is fun.

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You mean I can look at me all day at not my neighbor’s ugly mug??? I’d be kissing people on the lips all up and down the street!!! She’d still be the bitch of the century though!

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Ahh! Attack of the Clones! Run away! Run away!

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