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What is your state known for?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7894points) November 2nd, 2010

Question says it all.

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I live in Illinois. Every governor gets to serve two terms. One in Springfield, the other in prison.

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Mockingbirds and Country Music.

Love the birds, hate the music.

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Pumpkins. 85% of the world’s canned pumpkins is processed at the Libby’s plant in Morton, IL. Maybe some of the pumpkins could be used to chuck at our past governors @IchtheosaurusRex ;)

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I live in Utah and we are famous for Mormons and crickets. The Utah state motto – Now this is a joke- But my Jesus is better than your Jesus.

The best of Utah is the beauty of the canyon lands and all the seasons. It truly is one of the most beautiful states in the US. If any of you get the change come and see the Canyon Lands. There are several of them and each have beauty that takes away your breath.

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My state has legalized same-sex civil unions but not same-sex marriage.

My hometown in particular is the vice capital of my state. We have the legal limit of liquor stores and last I heard, we were trying to get it changed to allow more, we have more adult shops than any other town in my state and we have more tattoo parlors than you can shake a stick at. The guy who owns the parlor I go to said that when he applied for a business license, the woman who gave him the application said something along the lines of, “Great, another tattoo parlor.”

If you can guess the name of my town, I’ll have flowers delivered to your door.

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The Sopranos and Bruce!

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Earthquakes, wild fires, drought, and the World Series Champions!

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Last week I was in Zion National Forest and a family from Boston was there for their first trip to Utah. All the wife could say was I had no idea that Utah was this beautiful. They were going through the Canyon Lands and then going to Lake Powell. Every time I go to one of the Canyons I see people from all over the world and some painting the scenery.

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@KatawaGrey I’m going to guess Massachusetts or Connecticut. Can’t guess the town

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Beavers and trees.

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Taxes…. (New York)

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Fruit, fish, snowbirds and old people.

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Today’s elections. A musical. A bombing. Native Americans. Meth.

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My home state is known for being the first state and for the southern part of the state being a major producer/manufacturer of chicken on the east coast. Unfortunately right now, it’s mostly known for Christine O’Donnell.

I’m not sure what my current state is known for.

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Lakes.They really are great.:)

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Outside of being the state that has one of the biggest cities on Earth in it, I have no idea. Upstaters, help a Brooklynite out.

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Shares the 45th parallel with Quebec.
FDR was the governor from 1929 until 1932.

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Adirondacks, Catskills, corrupt government, high taxes, the most obstreperous city and the flashiest waterfall (shared with Canada), Baseball Museum, dairy farms, apple orchards, Fingerlakes, huge number of colleges and universities, and of course, Milo.

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The film industry, celebrities, the Governator, debt, avocados, a host of well-known beaches along 840 miles of coast, several high-ranking universities, being the most populous state in the nation, covering several landscapes (forests, valleys, deserts, urbanism, oh my!), diversity, the climate (which is coveted by some people, but I loathe it), our sports teams, bands and musicians who got their start here, several landmarks (including a bridge!), and being “liberal” though that one is quite misleading.

Dude, then, like, there are the stereotypes, esé ~

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@aprilsimnel A legislature that makes New Jersey’s look highly functional!

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@janbb At least we’re not the per capita leaders in toxic landfills.

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Corn and Abe Lincoln.

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My state’s known for it’s excellent weather, it’s beaches, Yosemite, being liberal (although that’s certainly not all of this state), diversity of geography, movie stars, Hollywood, Kim Kardashian, and gold. @muppetish Excellent. :)

My state of origin is known for it’s legalized gambling and prostitution (not in all the counties though), the desert, ghost towns, the Hoover Dam, and the rich side of Lake Tahoe.

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@Adirondackwannabe You gotta a problem with toxic landfills?

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@janbb I’ll trade with you. Our state government for your landfills, deal?

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Nope – we can do something about our landfills!

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Frankly I love the state I live in. Everything I want is here. The seasons, desert, mountains, beauty, treasure hunting, skiing, mountain climbing, four wheeling areas that are huge and world known, camping sites that are fantastic and so much more. However we don’t have much of a night life.

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Rod Blagojevich…

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Not a state, but it is known for a drink called hierbas, as well as oranges, cheap drugs, night clubs and woodwork.

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Serial killers, cheese, and drunk drivers.

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Lakes and a real crappy economy

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The Alamo!
Cowboys, cactus, C&W music, oil, cattle, Kennedy’s assasination, cowboy boots and hats !

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Being the most diverse state in the country. California has everything every other state has, only better.

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Deep dish pizza. Now I’m hungry.

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Not a state, but a province; we’re known for maple syrup, Winter, a hockey team that never wins and sadly, xenophobia.

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Largest Oktoberfest in the world.

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