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During the Olympics in 1936, Hitler was enraged by the fact that the US had an Afroamerican compete in the games. What percentage of the US population did share Hitler's opinion?

Asked by ragingloli (50132points) April 27th, 2009
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It was likely a significant number since the US was big on racial segregation at that point.

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I imagine a big chunk, but keep in mind that often times in our history when we were racist we “conveniently” forgot when it benefited us… And showing up the NAZI’s would’ve counted for that.

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Read about Jesse Owens and the four gold medals he won in Berlin in 1936. Hitler initially shook hands only with the German gold medalists until the Olympic committee insisted he shake the hands of all the medalists. An ironic tale.

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Afroamerican? Is that you Michael Richards?

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I imagine a good 99% of the white US population were exactly as @westy81585 put it, behaving in a racist manner most of the time, but setting it aside when it was socially and politically convenient. Were it a US-only contest, most whites would’ve been angry about his win. The phrase “Great White Hope” didn’t spring up out of the blue. This country has had a long history of being resentful of people of colour succeeding in anything, as if success was supposed to be a whites-only privilege. Pfft.

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This is a hypothetical, not statistical, question. How would anyone know what the actual percentage that you are asking for?
For what purpose are you asking the question, perhaps that might generate a meaningful answer for you?

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C’mon guys. As long as black athletes win (and know their places) we are happy for them to beat foreigners.

The sorriest part of the legend was when the Jewish athletes, Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller, were cut from the relay team at the behest of Avery Brundage, Chairman of the Olympic committee and track coach, Dean Cromwell. Brundage and Cromwell were members of a pro-Nazi political group. At least on that occasion it was better to be black than Jewish-but how sweet it would have been to have American Jews stand above Nazis.

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@galileogirl imagine if Sammy Davis Jr had competed and won an award. It would have been a hat trick!

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