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What company sells the best car subwoofers and why them?

Asked by youknowconnor (264points) April 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

I know this probably a completely opinionated question, but I’d like to hear them !

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i don’t really know enough about car systems to help you with this, but i’ve got two 10” audiobahn subwoofers in my ‘74 bug and they sound pretty nice- whatever music i’m listening to.

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I have a 500W 10’ audiobalm sub with an AMP and it sounds incredible in my 89’ Z24, its bumps like no other =D

Its not just the sub either, its the box you put it also, and the wires you use too. So look into everything, and if your looking to do just the sub and AMP & wires, figure about $450 $500+.

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thanks I’ll keep that in mind iceblu. I just can’t decide which would be the best company yet but I think I may go with MTX. But I’m not sure yet

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I think JL Audio makes the best subwoofers, particularly with their W7 series. They have tremendous excursion capabilities and are built to handle lots of power. They also are used in high-end consumer subwoofers, which have received numerous awards from hi-fi magazines.

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I have a 12” Xtant X1244 (kinda rare these days) in a 3.8 CF ported box. It’s tuned to 28 Hz, running at 900 watts RMS, and will give a 12” W7 a run for it’s money in terms of output and sound quality. I can’t say Xtant is the “best”, it depends what you want. The Xtant leans toward SQ, but can have some sick output on a big enough amp.

Orion HCCAs are good solid SPL subs with huge 4” (I think) voice coils that dissipate heat quite well. HCCAs will take several thousand watts before they complain, and are quite efficient considering their power rating. Despite being billed as SPL subs, HCCAs generally have a fairly realistic sound.

Both of the above are solid, competition ready, and can be had for a reasonable price. The best sub in the world? Probably an obscure brand with a huge price tag. I’m not going to guess.

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depends on what car you got if you got a good size sedan you could probably fit 2 orions they beasts.. but if you got a truck or an suv i guarantee you you will have the loudest system with the solo x from licker 18” many is up to you.. you could probably fit one into a sedan with 1000 watts that would be a 12”...two 18” monsters can goo up to 10000 watts

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Kicker makes some good stuff. But MTX is the best… They make the worlds biggest sub woofer! If you wanna have some awesome bass, I’d go with Kicker or MTX

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It all depends on the price really. But if I could get any subs, I’d pick a pair of 15 in or 18 in Fi BTl’s. They’ll pound more than anything you’ve ever heard. And they build them to your specfications so you can make them louder if you know what you’re doing.

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yeah if you know how to design a sub box just right you can really maximize output

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