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Can a habanero pepper (chili) burn holes in your stomach?

Asked by xgunther (449points) April 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

for a drunken dare I ate 2 habanero peppers last night. Ya worst burning ever in my mouth, but that didnt compare with the agonizing stomach pain that followed. Felt like they were burning holes in my tummy. Is this possible?

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I don’t know about that. I tried to eat one sober one time and it was so hot, I had to spit it out. I couldnt even get it down. It was torture for a while. I even tried the classic fixes, bread, milk, water; nothing worked! Anyways, the moral of your story: Dont eat anything when your drunk that you wouldn’t eat sober…

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We’re anxiously awaiting your account of the third burn.

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@kevbo LOL makes me think what louis ck would do in this situation.

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Hahaha yes, I’m anxiously waiting IN FEAR for that third burn. Why did I do this to myself? haha

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You’re cool, my friend eats them all the time for shock value. How was getting up this morning? I made that mistake once, per a dare from the above mentioned, and was in serious pain the next day.

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Your mouth hurt,
your stomach hurt,

wait till it comes out….

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My teenage daughter is so hard headed. Hoe hard headed, you ask? We always plant a spring garden with herbs, peppers , tomatoes, etc…. We planted some habeneros last year. My husband went out one afternoon to pick the ripe produce. We always use a big wooden bowl. She loved eating the fresh produce straight from the garden. My husband warned her about the peppers being way too hot for her. Well, these days….she Always knows best. She said they were not too hot for her. She ate five of them. She crunched down on them like they were little apples. I tried to stop her, but she would not listen. She refused to drink anything, because they were not hot. Her eyes were crying. I had to punish her to make her drink milk.

She was fine. No problems til the next day when they came out the other end. We are Cajun and eat spicy food everyday, but…..dang…. This girl drives me crazy sometimes…..

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I think your safe as long as you don’t already have an issue – I know that if you have an ulcer, they make everything worse.

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My daughter is allergic to them. One bite and her throat will swell so she has trouble breathing. When we go out to eat we have to ask if there is cayene in any of the foods we order for this reason. It’s amazing how many foods it is in. Did you know there is cayene in some chocolates?

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to answer your question, i don’t think the oil in the peppers is actually caustic enough to “burn holes in your stomach,” but it will irritate your stomach lining and all the way on out as others have suggested. perhaps if you repeated this experiment daily, they might cause more long-term damage.

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No your fine it won’t damage hour stomach. Like posted look out tommorow when you go to the restroom.

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