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Can you help me identify this spider?

Asked by Vunessuh (16712points) November 3rd, 2010

This is the second spider of this kind that I have killed in two days. Here is a picture of the home intruder’s face. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It has a bright red lower body, its legs are patterned as you can see in the photo and it’s a wittle bit hairy. I did Google some photos, but I’m still unsure so if there’s anyone who can help, I’d appreciate it. What the hell is it and should I be concerned?

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It’s name is Steve and it will haunt you. ;)

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it looks like a Wolf spider.

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It looks like a jumping spider, if it is relatively small. If they “jump” a short distance away when you approach it with a stick or something similar it is probably a jumping spider. Since there are around 5000 species, I won’t ID it any further. Here is the Wikipedia article that might give you a place to begin your arachnid quest, And here is a link as to their bite that is not dangerous to humans. I see you have attempted looking at spider images. Additional research will either freak you out or make a “spiderologist” out of you. Good luck.

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I agree with jumping spider.

These are extremely beneficial and harmless creatures. Please stop killing them- move them outside if you cannot bear to share your house with them.

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What the hell’s all that crap around it, did it shit itself?
Sorry though, I know nothing of spiders.
Does your area have poisonous spiders? I’m pretty it doesn’t. I’d leave em alive; this way, no other insects will be in your place for too long.

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Here’s another picture of a wolf spider. I agree with @marinelife. Wolf spider, jumping spider, you’re lucky zebraman isn’t here. He wouldn’t be as nice as @crisw. ;)

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@everyone Thanks, I’m glad and very relieved they’re harmless.

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It looks like a jumping spider. I have arachnophobia to some degree and I will kill them if I see them in my house. I tend to leave them alone outside because the control pests but inside I will not tolerate them. My science teacher had a wolf spider in a terrarium when I was a high school freshmen and they can get pretty big. I would look at it and I would get shivers. Big spiders and be don’t get along. I on occassion still get bitten by spiders though they are usually the harmless kind (knock on wood). Once a spider fell down my pants and bit me on the butt. It stung a little but I laughed about it the rest of the day. LOL

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@Mikewlf337 We had wolf spiders all around our home that we just moved from. They come in many different sizes, but I have come across some of the huge ones. We had one in our bathtub once that scared me silly. It was as big as my hand! I put it in a cup and threw it outside near my garden. I didn’t go near my garden for a day after that. :)

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@jonsblond LOL yeah I know the feeling. Spider so big that if you step on it to squash it, it would look at you and laugh at you. Wolf spiders are something I come across very often. You are right. They come in sizes ranging from tiny to freaking huge.

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I get all types of spiders in my house and I never kill them. They won’t bother you and they kill off more pesky bugs. Those little grey jumping spiders are harmless.

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