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MapleStory isn't working for me, what do I do?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) November 3rd, 2010

okay so there is a MMORPG that’s called maplestory. I’ve loved it ever since I was like…..7 years old or so. But I deleted it after doing all these part quests and it just got boring, so I deleted it. But now I reinstalled it and I’m trying to play it. It has many updates It’s at V. 97 I think. But I’m trying to run the programs and it does this thing where my screen gets bigger or the font is increased and everything looks like the pixels went down or something like that, looks sort of blurry. But it stays that way for a little bit then the screen goes black with it trying to load Maplestory. It has the maplestory cursor on the top left hand side and my arrow cursor as the loading sign. After me waiting for it to load it says that Maplestory wasn’t able to load. Basically it crashed.

I restated my computer, but didn’t restart so I had to shut it off. Then I went through the whole process again and tried it once more. And again it didn’t work. It did the exact same thing. I don’t know what the issue is, but it sucks and I really want to play it.

By the way I have an Inspiron 1501. I’ve had it for many years and in the past it has been able to run the program but not now. It was my sisters then she gave it to me as a hand me down…. (I really need a new computer…)

Sorry for this being so long, I’m not to tech-savvy. But, yeah can anyone please help me with this!?

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I asked one of my younger friends who suggested trying:

“right click” the file called ‘maplestory.exe’ and click “properties”. click “compatibility” and click “run as windows vista (service pack 1 or 2) or windows XP (service pack 2)”

Alternate solution, if that doesn’t work:

Find the gamelauncher.exe file on your hard drive (probably in the Nexon folder) and launch the game through that rather than from the website.

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My bet is on the compatibility but if that doesn’t work it sounds like they upgraded (or downgraded apparently) beyond the capacities of your computer.

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