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How do I transfer my music from my old ipod to my new one?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) March 12th, 2011

How can I transfer my 400+ songs on my old ipod to my new ipod? I only have 200+ on the new one for now….But I can drop and drag all the files on to the new one? I’ve tried and it won’t let me….How should I do this?

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Plug it into your computer and iTunes will do the rest.

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I hate iTunes…it does the rest alright! I go on there and it always syncs my albums different! LOL!

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First. Connect your older ipod to your computer. If itunes pops up just close it.
2. go into computer and click your ipod… then open the file with songs in it.
3. copy the songs and make a new folder in documents and save them there.
4. sync the songs in the folder into itunes.
5. connect your new ipod and let it sync

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Do you have the songs saved on your computer? If so, you could just plug in your new ipod in your computer and transfer them that way.

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Transfering music from an ipod to a computer is not technically allowed, BUT, luckily there are programs you can download off the internet that will allow you to do it anyway.
Once you’ve done this, you can then connect your second ipod and transfer the music on.

As for such a program allowing ipod to computer transfers, I don’t know one off-hand, but it shouldn’t be hard to find with google.

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simple. Buy anything other than a mac, download music for free via internet/torrents and play on your new sony cell phone, preferably the xperia seeing as they have a new one coming out soon.

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