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What is a good moveset for Growlithe/Arcanine?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) July 18th, 2010

okay so another pokemon question. I have a growlithe that is somewhere in his 20s (27 or 26 I think) and I was looking at move sets for him (this is HeartGold by the way) and I found his moves that he learns. So my move set for my growlithe/arcanine would be this: Flame thrower, OverHeat,Fire Blitz, and crunch. Would that be good? They are all powerful attacks just should I replace crunch with another move?

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You’ve got three fire type moves there which seems a little redundant. Plus, Overheat will reduce your special attack after you use it, causing both it and Flamethrower to become a lot weaker. And I’m not a huge Flare Blitz fan because of the recoil, but that’s just personal preference. Heat Wave is another powerful fire attack to consider.

I would definitely keep Crunch; Arcanine has an awesome physical attack stat and it’s good to have different kinds of moves on your pokemon. Extremespeed is a good, powerful attack that always strikes first. You would have to evolve your Growlithe too early to get it, though (it wouldn’t be able to learn Crunch or Flare Blitz), but I think if you bring a Heart Scale to the move rememberer in Blackthorne City after you evolve it you’ll be able to get it.

I would say have two fire type attacks at most. One physical and one special. And I would recommend that if you do keep Overheat, to make it the only special attack in your moveset because it will reduce your special attack stat after use and you don’t want to weaken a whole bunch of your moves.

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I agree with Mariah that you shouldn’t have more than two fire-type moves if you can’t get away with just having one really good fire attack. By having more than that you risk losing flexibility and putting yourself at a huge disadvantage if you wind up going against types that are strong against it, so you’ll want to leave room open for either a special enhancing attack, and/or a super-effective coutner-attack from another type to combat type-disadvantages.

By varying your moveset and keeping your type to a minimum you can make your pokemon more flexible and powerful on the field, and not to mention probably throw off your competition.

“Vincent chooses Growlithe!”
Opponent: “This’ll be easy, i’ll just take him down with Onyx!”
“Growlithe uses Iron Tail!”
Opponent: “Oh $#!t.”

Sorry I couldn’t be more specific in what moves you should pick, I haven’t played it in years. Just thought that choosing moves outside their type was worth mentioning.

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