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Aloha and ATA Airlines cease operations; Are these signs that the US has hit a recession?

Asked by xgunther (446points) April 3rd, 2008

Aloha Airlines ceases operations, and as of a few hours ago ATA ceases ops as well. Are these signs of a failing US economy?

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The powers at be don’t want to admit there is a recession, but yes along with other things these are signs the terrorist are getting what they wanted.
To destroy the American economy.

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Solid companies don’t go under after a couple slow months. I am sure their problems have existed for sometime. Not to say that the passed few months haven’t impacted them, I just seriously doubt it is the root cause.

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I wouldn’t look at this as some harbinger of the falling economy…

An old joke goes:
What’s the easiest way to make $10 million dollars?
– Start an airline company with $100 Million.

The airline industry is incredibly competitive (and of course, the rising price of fuel only exacerbates problems)

But, the sky is not falling, Henny Penny. ATA has had problems for years.

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