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What is your most rememberable personal past fashion faux pas?

Asked by Deja_vu (4157points) November 6th, 2010

In the early mid-nineties I wore jean skorts (you know when it looks like a skirt but it’s a short) and Daisy Dukes.The late nineties I wore alot of pleather and ripped up stockings. Heavy eye makeup and bold accessories. In the Oh- Oh’s I personally think my fashion sense was continuously okay.
Do you have any memberable fashion faux pas from your past? Guys, did you ever wear Zubaz Pants?

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Those gad-aweful lace-up espadrilles when we were 13–14. The laces would fall down after about four steps, which was almost a relief, as they would cut into our legs with every muscle stretched.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Faux pas? Espadrilles are hot. I have a pair now, and these. (the straps do fall occasionally)

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When I was in high school I wore bell bottoms, when preppy was in style.
Probably cause I was poor, the kids referred to me as the Homeless Wonder.
My friends have always said that I was grunge before it was fashionable… still am.

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Yes well, when I was a teenager I purchased & yes wore a pair of skin tight pin striped jeans. I looked like a chicken that had just stepped into a couple of straws. Not a good luck :¬(

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I care not about fashion beyond the demand of not looking like an idiot. Never have, never will.
Clothes are supposed to keep me warm and covered.

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Those shoulder pads that made me look like a football player! Back then we thought it was classy and elegant, but…....!

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Good lord, no. Sometimes I wonder what made you guys wear such ridiculous clothing in the past lol. When I was in middle school, my mom bought me a pair of JNCO pants, not knowing they were the ugliest pants after those hideous zubaz pants lol. I wore them a few times. Biggest fashion mistake, ever.

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Burnt fuzzy perm. OMG it was awful!

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As a child, I had a pair of penguin socks, pants that were spotted like a dalmatian, and a shirt with some other animal on it. The colors clashed terrifically, but I insisted that I matched because I was wearing all animals. I was so proud that I was a zoo. My mother humored me and actually allowed me in public multiple times in that outfit.

Since then, I don’t believe I’ve made too many mistakes that weren’t intentional. I certainly dressed like a freak plenty of times as a camp counselor, but that comes with the territory.

OH! I just thought of one…two. I went to a school that required wearing skirts. Rather than find appropriate shoes, I simply wore my gym shoes with my skirts. Since we were required to wear socks or nylons, I would wear toe socks when I felt like wearing flip flops. A nice skirt and top with toe socks and flip flops definitely looked ridiculous, but I enjoyed it at the time. Strangely enough, that look even caught on.

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In my rememory – it was my insistence on wearing clashing florescent colors.

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THESE masterpieces were actually available in the 1975 JC Penny’s catalog.
From the website:
“I don’t know what I love the most about this attempt of Penneys to capture the ‘Superfly’ market. It may be the hat. No, the chest hair. No, the halter top on the guy in the middle. No, the horn necklace. No, the mustaches.”

And who knew the mid 70’s mens underwear market was so colorful?
“The blue-clad International Male in the upper-right-hand corner: tell me, what is that outfit for, exactly? Bathing? Sleeping? Entertaining?”

See the rest of the show here.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Too funny, they look like pimps from the 70’s!

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I am a total fashion klutz. When I attended my husbands graduation, it was in the garden in the afternoon, and I was the only person there in a long dress.

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When my daughter was nine or ten, she wanted to go to a Kenny Rogers concert that was on Halloween. I assumed people would be dressed up so she and I wore witch costumes—really good costumes and we did our faces green. Well, we were the only people in the coliseum in costumes. I was able to laugh it off, but she was somewhat mortified at first. But then when we were recognized by the star of the show, she thought that was pretty cool.

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I had to put up my long hair to keep it out of my face. I got tired of plain old hair bands, so I picked up some bright fluffy yarn hair ties. Never did that again. It was tooo painful.

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