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What color shirts match with brown shoes when wearing jeans? Black shoes?

Asked by Blackberry (33688points) March 14th, 2011

I think a lot of my button up shirts already match my black shoes, but I get confused about what to wear with the brown shoes. I have a sky blue shirt, black, grey, white, light blue with grey and a little purple stripes, black with some white and maroon stripes etc. This is just my first time wearing brown shoes really and I don’t know what goes with it. My jeans are regular jean colors.

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probably any colour really . if your jeans are blue you could wear any colour but i think blue or white will go best with your brown shoes (: hope that helps you out !

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Earthtones would look good with brown shoes – greens, brown, beige, orange, etc. Match your belt to your shoe color.

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The important thing to match is the belt. Black shoes/black belt. The great thing about jeans is any color shirt goes with jeans. Find shirts in colors that look good on you, they will go with your jeans.

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“I have a sky blue shirt, black, grey, white, light blue with grey and a little purple stripes, black with some white and maroon stripes etc.”

The bolded shirt colors go with brown shoes. @BarnacleBill is right about the earth tones, as well. Also, certain variations of the standard colors go with brown shoes while the standard colors themselves do not. Ex: Maroon or slate would go with brown shoes, whereas red and blue would not. Try things out; see what works =)

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Shoes should go with pants.
Belt goes with pants color and matches shoes
Shirts matches pants.
Socks match mostly to shoes or pants
Darkest color always at the bottom.

Regular color jeans you would go with brown shoes, but black could be ok with black belt.
Shirt color with jeans can be almost anything.

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I vote sky blue. But really, I like all color combinations. Except orange and purple. YUCK.

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Thanks for the advice, everyone. @deni I’m not a fan of orange as a solid color, either. Although I would wear a dark purple, maybe.

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I don’t know if I am late but I get curious about this question especially that I usually wonder what to wear with brown shoes.
Blue shirts either light or dark, orange, beige, blanc sale worked out with me and I found that it match.

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i think warm colors will go with brown shoes. You can wear anything with black shoes and blue jeans.

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Blue jeans don’t go well with brown shoes. With brown shoes and pants, yellow, tan, ecru, rust and greens are good for shirts.

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