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I have a nook in my new bedroom. What would be the easiest way to turn it into a desk area without buying a desk?

Asked by anonynon (103points) November 6th, 2010

The space is 40 inches wide, 20 inches deep. I’d like to use it as a desk space, but would prefer not to buy a desk – I can’t really afford one, and I don’t feel like owning one (I’m sort of a minimalist and I move a lot, and I don’t like having a bunch of stuff to lug around).

I imagine this would involve a wooden board of some sort? I don’t have any wood-cutting equipment on hand, could I go to Home Depot and get a wooden board cut to my specs? How would I fit it in the nook? Maybe rest it on some nails that I’d hammer into the wall?

How would you do this?

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Here is a link to seven steps in turning a closet or nook into a desk area with shelving.

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B & Q which is our equivalent of Home Depot will cut wood to size. Just make doubly sure of your measurements and that the back of the nook isn’t a bit narrower than the front. I am not a carpenter but I wouldn’t put nails into the wall. You could rest the desk top on two supporting wooden panels each about 20 inches deep. Go to Home Depot at a quiet time and explain to them just what you want. Give them exact measurements and even show them a photograph of the space. They may even be able to pre drill holes in the desk top and they will give you suitable screws. You have an ideal space there for a computer desktop.

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I would put a piece of wood on each side (that I screwed into the wall) and would rest the board (desk top) on these two boards,

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You could have the wood cut to fit, and put it on top of two filing cabinets, raised up slightly. Or you could affix the top to an inexpensive bookcase from Walmart, which would give you shelf storage underneath. Paint the whole thing the same color, and you’re good to go. Edit: Or, while in Home Depot, look in the closet organization section for ways to provide a support for the desktop.

I would suggest making the desktop a little deeper than 20” so you have more work space.

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For my computer tables, I have antique tongue and groove doors on wooden sawhorses. I love the look, sort of antique industrial.

Anyhow, most any lumber yard will cut a piece of particle board or ply to your specific size with no extra charge. All the the lumber stores have assorted types of saw horses, Ikea also has pretty ones if you are so inclined. You can paint them, stain them or leave them natural. Cheap, quick, easy and transportable!

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Surprise, a used computer desk is cheaper than buying the wood and supplies you would need.

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Since you are a minimalist, have you considered glass or plexi? You could mount it on four shelf brackets from the wall, and it would take up almost no visual space.

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Wood and cinderblocks, cheap and simple.

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You’ll want to get a board cut to fit, as others have said, but put it on some heavy duty shelving brackets. Screw the brackets into the wall, then screw a board on top. An adjustable shelving system would work too (where you screw the track into the wall, then there are little pegs you put on the track and rest the shelf on), but I can’t seem to find a good example of that right now.

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I am with @BarnacleBill on this one. You could buy two cheap filing cabinets in wood or metal which would eliminate the need for brackets to hold the wood up. Or if space is not wide enough for two cabinets plus your knees, you could put one cabinet on one side and brackets on the opposite side.

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It may be cheaper to buy an old desk on Craig’s list and refinish it. Then give it away when you move again to someone on Craig’s List.

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