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Where can I find replacement parts for this desk?

Asked by lilikoi (10105points) October 3rd, 2010

I am refurbishing a desk very similar to this one. It is missing one part on one of the feet and so does not sit level. I could do something make shift but these things seem to be pretty common and maybe there are replacement parts available? Anyone know who manufactured these, btw?

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I don’t know who manufactured them, but maybe you could get in touch with the local school districts in your area to see if they have any information that may help you. Good luck with the refurb! That looks like it’ll take a bit of work.

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Thanks I just found this which is similar to the one I have but looks slightly different. Good to know the parts exist though. I wonder if they’re standard?

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You might also find the leveling foot from a washing machine will work (or get four of them so they match for sure).

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@lilikoi, if you replace all four, they will match. That’s much easier than trying to find one just like what you have. You’re looking for “furniture levelers.” A hardware store should have them.

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You’re probably looking for something like these. As @BarnacleBill said, you can find them at Lowes or Home Depot.

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