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Where can I find a (downloadable) program which contains a model of the brain with all its part's labeled?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3041points) November 6th, 2010

I am currently interested in looking for a 3D model of the brain that is easy to use and locate different structures outside and inside the brain and see easily how each area is connected. I have already searched and can only seem to find databases of MRI data which is not what I want… I want a sort of generalised systematic model.

If you know where you can find this… I will marry you… or give you lurve. :D

Thanks in advance.

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I’ve found this one useful. I know there’s another one but I can’t find it. I’ll post it if I do :)

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There’s an app for that: 3D Brain.

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@PluckyDog That is a good introductory site, but I was hoping for something more detailed such as separating the lobes into further structures as well as maybe including neurotransmitter pathways.

Maybe I should just get a textbook and visualise it myself :p.

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I’d go with PluckyDog on this one.

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@Ame_Evil Yeah, it’s pretty basic. I still can’t find the detailed one I used to use regularly. Perhaps it was only for students when I was taking biopsych in college.

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It depends on your needs, are you talking about 6th grade science fair type stuff? (just the major lobes) or graduate neuroscience?
If it’s the latter, try this. It’s not free but it’s detailed.

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You can use this to surf mri images on all planes.

As far as the labelling. I’d use
You can use a program like wget to download the whole website to a folder and surf offline.

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@phoebusg Thanks for the links, they look pretty useful :).

@GeorgeGee Yeah I was hoping to get as technical as possible. I may try to see if they have that book somewhere in our library.

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I would suggest checking out the “FINR Brain” iPhone app if you have an iPhone. It’s better resolution than the aforementioned 3D Brain app, and has a lot of good information about each of the structures in the brain.

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