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Are pains in the head indicative of problems in those specific regions?

Asked by nebule (16446points) November 15th, 2010

Something tells me I’ve asked this before, but I’ve been trawling through my questions and can’t find it!...maybe I’ve just thought about posting before…

When you experience a sharp pain somewhere in your head either with the addition of a headache or without is the pain indicative of a problem in that specific region e.g. behind the eyes, upper right hemisphere, back of the head middle etc.

Knowing that certain parts of the brain perform specific functions but taking into account that no-one has the same neurological set of pathways what do you think… or know?

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I don’t think so.

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nice new pic! x

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Not usually. Those are often from tension, coming off caffeine or loud noises.

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Generally, pains in your head are indictive of problems with just that area.

Not so, with your feet. i have had 4 back surgeries. since then, my feet are 80% without feeling. the doctors tell me its nerve damage from my back surgeries.

Your head is a different situation, altogether.

I suffered from migraine headaches for years. my eyes and ears also suffered from the bright lights and noise, associated with migraine headaches. but, all of this was in my head region and nowhere else, as an example.

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Yes, absolutely. Headaches indicate the area of the problem. This is why doctors always ask you to point to the part of your head that hurts. Your sinuses hurt if they are congested enough. If you have blocked blood vessels, your head hurts in that spot, etc.

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@nebule Are you sure that your eyes aren’t strained?

Have we met?

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@lloydbird I don’t think my eyes are strained, I had a test not too long ago and they’re generally very healthy, although who knows! I’ve been under the weather recently and have just thought that I’ve got a systemic virus of some sort…I do have pains quite deep inside behind my eyes but again thought that was conjunctivitus or something… Have we met? In terms of really met? in real life? or just on here?

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@nebule With aches and pains, I tend to try and rule out the obvious first, “was it because of something I did?”, Lifting, pushing, moving, pulling etc.. If internal, I try first NOT TO PANIC!! because I know that not all painful conditions are due to injury or disease. And I know that our bodies are amazing at healing themselves, given the chance. I know that “pains in the head” can be caused by something that you’ve eaten or drank, for instance. But I do know that pain is not particularly a sign of disease. And that it is usually a sign of healing! And that if you leave well alone, your amazing, self correcting, body will right itself. But it might hurt for a while.

But hey, I’m only offering my opinion. Pay attention to it if you so choose.

That is you, isn’t it LB?

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yes it is ;-)

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I would have to say yes. Any constant headaches should be diagnosed by a professional. This may be a sign of an impending ailment or even head or brain problems or injuries..

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