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Why doesn't the join line show up in Access 2007?

Asked by chelle21689 (6786points) November 6th, 2010

It’s driving me crazy! I keep re-doing the steps shown in the text book and I even re-do the whole thing but the join line never shows! How am I supposed to join two of these two tables? Is there a button I can just press? I don’t get it.
If someone wants to e-mail me at that is willing to help, I can send you a file for you to check if you wish.


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I don’t have that version of Access, so it probably wouldn’t do me any good to have your file in any case.

But I would check the two fields that you’re attempting to link (look at the table design for the tables containing each file) and be sure that the data types are compatible: number to number (best) or text to text.

My guess is that one of your attempted links is not to what you think it is.

You may want to re-check the steps you took in creating the tables themselves. I suspect that your problem is that basic.

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