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How to creat a simple x-y line graph using excel 2007?

Asked by shared3 (921points) February 5th, 2009

I’m utterly mystified with the new microsoft office! I have two sets of data and I want to make a graph with one set as the x axis and one set as the y axis. I clicked the chart icon, but it didn’t seem as though any of the options would gibve me this most basic graph…

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i don’t know a ton about 2007, but in 2003 (back when office seemed to work properly, for office), selecting the data to chart FIRST makes things a lot easier.

if i recall from what i have used of 2007, in the ribbon they put the chart types. run the wizard, and they might appear up there once the data is selected.

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the thing is, i already entered the data. then i highlighted the data and clicked the chart icon…

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and NOTHING happened?

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i just don’t know which type to select…

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I have Excel 2007: go to insert, pick any of the types of charts listed, then go to the bottom of that chart type’s drop down menu and pick All Chart Types.

A box will come up and then you can pick ‘XY scatter’ from that, and then a highlighted selection from that series of charts will appear. Choose whichever one you need from there.

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2D Line Graph should work pretty well too. I would use that or Scatter.
Once you select a chart type, there are more options for layout under the “Design” tab.

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One other thing, with 2007, it’s really important that the data for the X variable be on the right, and the Y be on the left, because they eliminated the feature that let you actually choose which data will become which variable. (Good going, microsoft)

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Select the two sets of data select the X one first. (ifthey are not to gether you will need to ctrl when selecting the second.

Click F11 that creates a chart.

Right mouse click in the chart but on a clear space.

Select the third option down line

Click on Ok

That’s probably not the exact style you want but , you can go from there

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You can do it with the scatter chart. Choose scatter with straight lines (with or without markers) and try again.
If you cannot still make it, let me know.

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Try some of these Excel 2007 video demos and see if you can find what you’re looking for.

Good luck!


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If you have entered your data and highlighted it. Select insert, then select line, then select any one of those line graph options, under 2-d, the first one is the most basic directly under that is another very basic form but this one has markers.
Hope that helps!

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