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Which in-ear headphones should I get for my ipod?

Asked by questionite (22points) April 2nd, 2007
Factors I'm considering: Sound quality, bargain (quality for my money), not having to lick the headphones or anything like that, appearance (something discreet and nice looking). Thanks!
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I really like the Etymotic ER-6 or ER-6i. They are "noise isolating" meaning that they fit into your ear tightly, and drop environmental noise by about 25db. Meaning that everything gets about as quiet as wearing normal safety earplugs.
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Beautiful sound reproduction-- bass response is great because it has a seal on your ear canal, so it only has a tiny volume of air to move
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You end up listening to music much quieter-- especially on airplanes-- which is great for your hearing
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Bad news: they're kind of expensive. Although, they have come down since I last bought them. I spent about $135, they're now down to $75 on Amazon.
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Worth every penny, mine have lasted at least 2 years under pretty heavy abuse.
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I can't recommend these highly enough:
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I can't recommend these highly enough: They are a great price, between Sony's Fontopias ($30+), and more expensive one's like Shure's Hi-Def ($200+). The sound quality is absolutely amazing, and they come with nice case (that will also hold your iPod), and travel accessories, like a dual jack converter for airplanes.
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I've had good experiences with a lot of sony in-ear devices. Currently I'm using MDR-NC11A, and I love them. They were about 100$ but they have a little white noise generator on them to block out other sounds. The sound blocking is amazing; I've been sitting next to someone and seen their lips moving, but I couldn't hear a thing other than my music.
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Here's a link to the CNET review of them:
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The ER-6i is without a doubt what your looking for. They work beautifully!

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