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Can one access track lists for podcasts on an ipod classic?

Asked by peedub (8682points) April 3rd, 2008

I’ve noticed that i can do this on my iphone, and often use feature. I can’, however, t seem to figure out how to do this on my ipod.

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I had a classic before getting an iPhone and often listened to podcasts. Although the menu was different I was able to access the podcasts and chose from them. If by tracklist you mean individual podcasts, then yes.

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Not sure exactly what you mean by track lists but I would say just go Settings > Main Menu > Podcasts ON. That’ll put it in your main menu and you should be able to access them from there.

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No, I mean individual tracks on each podcast, as in I want to know what songs are being played in a given DJ set/weekly podcast.

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Oh right, my bad. So you mean the individual tracks within a 1 hour workout podcast, for example. I don’t think that is possible, as the podcast itself is just one large mp3 file without song or ‘chapter’ markers and therefore can’t be separated by the ipod, let alone displayed by it.

If you really want to you could edit the file in a basic audio editor and save it as many small files, each with one track in them, however this seems pretty painstaking…

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The interesting thing, though, is that the iphone does this. All I do is tap the ‘album cover’ of the podcast and it flips over to reveal a list of the set.
Perhaps this is something unique to the nature of the types of podcasts that I listen to, vs. others…? You are right in the sense that I can’t skip songs, so I guess it is simply info that the artist/dj has included.

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Yeah, I’d say it might be dependent upon the individual podcast, like you said. That or just that the iPhone is was more hardcore and intelligent than the standard ipod…

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I think it is. In fact, I can’t even find this info on my MacBook. If this this is true, it is another amazing detail that I’m not even sure most are aware of, but is huge for someone like me that is into discovering new music.

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