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What kind of headlights are these? (see description)

Asked by earthduzt (3218points) November 7th, 2010

Ok, so I just recently inherited a 1992 E36 style BMW 325i and am thinking about restoring it a little. I do not like overly modified cars so I’m not looking to “bling” it out. First thing I was going to do with it was replace the factory headlights, and so I’ve been looking around and found these, my question is about this HID kit, I do not want HID, I basically want plug and play headlights as I am not a car guy, I know how to put gas in one and that is about it, I do not want to modify or touch the electrical in the car. So if there are any fluther mechanics or car savy people…will these lights plug and play? Are they just giving me an option to go HID if I want? I like the angel eyes and was thinking about having them added on to the lights…but again basically my question is will these headlights just plug straight into the OEM electrical plugs? juat trying to make sure I buy the right thing the first time

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They’ve also got a detailed step by step install guide right there on the site.

pdf install guide (click download)

So you can see everything that’s needed and make a decision if these are right for you.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies ha, thanks for that…I suppose what was throwing me off was this whole HID kit included…so yeah those will work then (next time I will read a little more)

@funkdaddy thank you for that, didn’t even notice the pdf

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NP… Your’e still gaga over your new Bimmer acquisition, and perhaps wanted to share some of your good fortune. Congrats, and have fun with it. I had fun with mine, 88 635csi.

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