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Have you started you Christmas shopping yet?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) November 9th, 2010

Seems like the day after Halloween is when the Christmas season begins. All the TV ads bombarding you with festive music and early weekend sales. Even your local grocery store has its decorations up and holiday music blaring on the speakers above your ears.

Does this get you in the mood to start Christmas shopping? How early do you usually start? Are you a procrastinator, early bird, or do you spread it out in little bits? Do you plan on spending more or less this year? Any bad past experiences while Christmas shopping? Do you shop on Black Friday? Any advice for shoppers this year?

If you don’t do any Christmas shopping, why?

Also, what will be this year’s hottest Christmas gift?

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I looked at some Black Friday ads online, if that counts.

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While I haven’t yet spent any money, I have begun acquiring gifts for people ;)

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But my shopping won’t take much time.

I have downsized a lot the past few years and so am only shopping for my daughter, her boyfriend, a couple of close friends and that’s about it.

I spent years shopping for 17 people….not missin’ that one little bit!

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We started our shopping mid-September. We have everyone done except for 2 people. I’m still trying to figure out what we are getting those two. Hopefully I’ll have them figured out and done by the end of the week.

I also still need to get a few things for my husband. I’m trying to think of the best things to get him after being overseas for a year. We won’t be celebrating Christmas until he is home.

I’m not sure what the gift will be this year, but we got our son a Xbox 360.

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I refuse to acknowledge the Christmas season until after Thanksgiving.

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Yeah right. I haven’t even gone grocery shopping yet.

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@YoBob I’m while you 100% on that one!

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I’ve noticed that “Black Friday” has turned into “Black November.” I used to enjoy going with my wife to Black Friday all-nighters. Not much point in it now, though. I’ll probably send gift certificates.

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Nope. I shop around early December. I’m a procrastinator.

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Well in my mind I have a rough idea what the kids would like. Which is the main thing. Just a question of when to hit the shops really.

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I have started thinking about the need for shopping. Does that count?

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I don’t know which annoys me more; Christmas ads or political ads.
At least the seasons only overlap by one day.
No shopping for me, thanks, but if I see you in the bar I’ll buy the next round.

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I start about a week before Christmas. I don’t ever shop on Black Friday, except for online, which I think is actually Black Monday. I’ll probably spend less, because I don’t have any money. I only buy for people I really want to give gifts to, and I know what they want/like, so it’ll be really easy.

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shopping yes, buying no….

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I’ve bought one or two things. I’m waiting for my Christmas bonus to do the real shopping. My bosses are very good about giving it to us in November, so we have time to use it.

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Not even close!

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I usually start towards the end of November. So far I’ve bought just one. I don’t think there’ll be any change in the amount I spend, and we don’t have Black Friday in the UK.

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Yes I have. I don’t like shopping too close to the holidays. Besides the best sales are going on right now. I even wrap the presents in advance. I don’t like shopping on black friday, but it’s always been a past-time of mine to get some coffee and watch the crazies early in the morning. Last year I got to watch people go nuts at an Old Navy. It was entertaining ;P

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Absolutely not. Can’t bear the consumer-crazed daze of this world we’re living in.

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Nope.. My life has been fucked enough lately. I will care after I move into a place where I don’t wake up to being yelled at everyday.

Thursday can’t come soon enough.

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Yes. I have a very strict budget so I know I have approx. so much from each of X number of checks to get things done. Our family doesn’t celebrate Christ but we enjoy the time off work most people get in order to gather with friends and family under one roof and celebrate each other. We like giving gifts too and for me, Christmastime is an opportunity to give things I wasn’t able to for birthdays or whatever.

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No, but thanks for the reminder.
I’ll get my brother a Target gift card on Friday, December 3rd.

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I hate how everybody does Christmas stuff earlier and earlier every year. Like @YoBob, I refuse to acknowledge the consumer-crazed Christmas season until after Thanksgiving. I think about the actual reason for Christmas all year, but I don’t get mixed up in the gift-buying thing until the reasonable time. I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it through two whole months of it this year. Mlech. Thank goodness for the extremely unseasonable 70 degree weather up here. I would be going nuts if it was cold.

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@johnpowell I went shopping extra early and bought you a poster to hang on the outside of your door, assuming that you have one.

The rest of you, enjoy spending hours finding parking spaces. I don’t have to drive. :P

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I have bought all the materials needed for my gifts, and I’m almost done making matching hat and scarf sets for all my friends and family.
But Christmas isn’t in my vocabulary until December 1.

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no i will start my shopping this weekend and i will head directly to Inorbit Mall because they have numerous stores and great brands in there and i love shopping and spending my time there , i am expecting some really good collection there

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I don’t usually start until November. This year with my partner out of work we may not be starting at all. Our savings will run out by Christmas.

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Since my five children and 10 grandchildren all reside in North Carolina ( and I“m in Texas ), we’ve already bought and mailed all our gifts so they’ll get there before Christmas.

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