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How is your holiday shopping going?

Asked by Mariah (25863points) December 10th, 2016

I’m very nearly done buying things. I’m picking up the last gift on Monday. Of what I’ve bought I’m just waiting for two more things to arrive in the mail. I feel very good about my gifts this year! I think I have thoughtful items that will be well liked for each person on my list. Several items are handmade. My female relatives always love getting jewelry from me.

Haven’t started the wrapping yet though. That will be quite an undertaking. Just got the paper today. Dreading it a bit.

How’s your stuff going? Do you have many people to shop for and how big of a production is gift-giving for you and yours? Take this as a friendly reminder to get moving if you’re not close to being done!

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I ordered a new phone on Amazon yesterday. That should be enough.

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We bought two toys for my sister’s son.
That is all when it comes to New Year’s gifts.

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I’m trying to buy something online, but it’s just because the day I saw it coincided with the holiday season.

Hope you jellies have a nice Christmas. I don’t celebrate Christmas. No gift for me so I’m buying a gift for myself.

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Done with mine.

Thanks amazon prime!

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Pretty much done. Yesterday I wrapped up my gift list at the annual Christmas Sale at the Art studio where I throw pottery. There artisans offered their hand made fare that ranged from jewelry, pottery, textiles that included amazing hand made hats, scarves and mittens made from Alpaca fur, paintings, glass works and hand made pressed paper cards that are all amazing works of art. The best buy was the cutest hand made Teddy Bear I bought for my son’s girlfriend. Just have my fingers crossed that all the items I bought online make it here in time….

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Really just waiting for Ian’s big gift and to grab all our Christmas pajamas.

Something he wants: Minecraft toys. Done.
Something he needs: a new computer for schoolwork. Not done.
Something to wear: PJs, not done.
Something to read: graphic novel by his favorite YouTube celebrity. Done.

As far as hubby goes, I’m disappointed at the lack of picture frame options for the size I need. Trying to frame a newspaper page is annoying. Custom framing was way too expensive and wouldn’t make it by Christmas anyway. I do have a couple other things for him though.

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I mostly make stuff, edibles, potions, balms etc so I haven’t finished, but ingredients are in hand. Otherwise I get preserves and syrups from local farmers and stuff.
This week I will devote to making and assembling stuff.

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It’s all ordered. Just waiting for Santa’s elves to deliver.

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Done. Since all of my kids and grands live at a distance, I do most of it online and have it delivered.

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Done, wrapped and under the tree I have got family coming next weekend so needed to have it done a bit early this year

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@Seek, have you tried Ikea for the frame?

I’m pretty much done. I need something else for my daughter, but that’s pretty much all. I’m going to visit some Christmas markets while I’m in Sydney to add a few small, unique gifts, but I don’t really need to get more.

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I took the Xmas gift card my brother gave me last year, and regifted it to him this year.

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I have tried Ikea. It’s just a weird size. I need an image opening of 12×24 inches. It’s possible to find 18×24… and 16×20… none of those help me, though.

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Funniest one so far was yesterday at Joann Fabrics I found a picture frame that was 11¾×36. That almost made me mad.

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@Seek: Since your thing is not a standard size, you might try going with a larger frame and getting the mat custom cut. It shouldn’t be too expensive and you can maybe use a coupon for Michael’s Crafts where they do custom framing or a local craft store where they always have sales. Also, not sure if you know newspaper will yellow and crumble since the paper is highly acidic. You might be better off doing a photocopy which will last way longer. You can always photocopy onto a parchment or ivory colored paper so it looks less like a photocopy.

As for my Christmas shopping, it’s not done and I need to get on the ball and make a list of what I’ve bought and what I need to get. I usually forget people at the last minute, like the after school program’s workers or people like that.

Every year I strive to be more organized and get stuff done earlier, but it usually doesn’t happen. Yesterday we did the photo for the card and then got it printed at Costco. That’s huge and now I can work on mailing out the cards. Last year I was mailing out cards three days before Christmas, which was hectic and frustrating. This year it’s two weeks (today, since I just got them printed last night), which is great.

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It’s the proportions… I can find something that’s, say, 18 X 24, but then there’s six inches of dead space around the sides of the paper. My timeline this year was based entirely around the fact that the World Series didn’t happen until mid-October, and it took longer than that to get a newspaper here from Chicago.

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Using a mat would solve that problem. I think having a mat to frame the news page would look better than just a frame.

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It really wouldn’t. Finding an 18×30 isn’t any easier than a 12×24.

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You just said you could find an 18×30. I can understand finding a frame that’s the perfect size might be difficult, but finding a frame you can use with a mat (as @jca suggested) shouldn’t be. Anyway, just suggestions.

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Done, wrapped and shipped yesterday!

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Christmas, Smishmus and a pox on Santa Claus, I never got over the trauma of not getting that fancy electric train I asked for when I was six. I hope someone shoots his deer, and crashes his sled. Mean old fart.

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