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Do you know any great compilation CD to give as a gift for Christmas?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) December 15th, 2010

At school we all have to exchange gift,and I want to offer a compilation CD with specific music for this season.Do you know any great one or can you give me a list of songs to include on the CD?

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I always thought the Fear and Loathing Las Vegas sound track was pretty good….got a good christmasy vibe going on.

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just don’t make it with Christmas music. By then it’s too late and by next year it may be misplaced. I haven’t met anyone who listens to holiday music any time of the year except in December, up to the 25th when the crush is over.

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there are lots of compilation Christmas CDs for charity. But you can order KFOG Live From The Archives, an annual compilation of live performances in the San Francisco Bay Area, benefiting the SF Food Bank. Go to KFOG dot com.

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Well the CD does not have to be relevant to Christmas, there are new albums out this year and everyone’s crazy about them, I’d recomment the ‘For Your Entertainment’ Album by Adam Lambert. Everyone’s loving it. :)

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I know the Glee Christmas CD just came out and that would be a pretty cool gift. Unless they hate stuff like that. And then it wouldn’t.

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I think the Straight No Chaser Christmas album would be great if you think they would like accapella. Glee is great too!

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