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ShouI go back into work or stay off for the rest of the week?

Asked by sakura (8267points) November 10th, 2010

Thursday night/early hours of Friday morning vomited several times and had very bad stomach cramps, which I thought could have been a bit of an allergic reation to some chinese I had eaten or possibly it was a bit dodgy, so I went to work the following day, I still had stomach cramps but not as severe and felt a little better in the afternoon, however by the time I got home I was VERY tired so went to bed.
SATURDAY – I felt fine all day, went to a bonfire display everything ok until 12pm that night when the stomach cramps started again through out the night I vomited had worsening stomach cramps and basically got no sleep, so around 630am the pain was unbearable so I went to the emergency doctor my cramps seemed to be getting more painful, they were so bad they suspected either appendicitis or gastroenteritis, I was sent to A and E where the pains intensified to a major extreme, I was put on a drip and had a dose of morphine as the pain was unbearable (worse then childbirth!) I was transported by ambulance to another hospital (no blue light, but they wouldn’t let my hubby take me!) There I saw a consultant who ruled out appendicitis and told me that he suspected I had a bad case of gastroenteritis. He recommended that I had a few more days off work. So I took the Monday off work but went back yesterday still feeling rough but managed to get through the day and parents evening. Last night I had ‘unpleasant toilets’ but went into work feeling obliged to do so (dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t scenario) but felt very sick and dry vomited, so came home. I’m now at home and just have that ‘I don’t feel quite right’ feeling I haven’t been sick again and I don’t feel unable to work but my stomach feels really wierd and just not right…
So do I go into work tommorow and tough it out? Do I take the rest of the week off? Or just tommorow?
HELP! I feel obliged to go into work, I don’t do ill and hate taking time off, I’ve never had to do it since I started teaching in 2005. This a new job and I have already had 1 day off when I sprained my ankle and obviously the Moday of this week off.
Sorry for the long details but felt you needed the whole story!
Thanks guys xx

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Did they test you for salmenella(?) poisioning? my daughter went on a cruise ship and contracted that crape from hot shrimp left out in the sun with no ice. had the same symptoms as you. she had flareups for a couple of years and finally surgery eliminated her problem.

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They did blood tests and a urine sample my blood tests came back slightly raised. My whole family ate the chinese (about 11 of us) and no one else was ill, and we have used them for the past 13 years with no problems! So I’m not sre where the gastroenteritis came from!
@noelleptc I am contagious, but I’m guessing I have been since Thursday, so if I’ve passed it on I will have done already!

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Take several days off until you get through 24 hours with no symptoms.

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Where is the abdominal pain?

Sounds like it could be your gallbladder, and greasy food would give you an attack. (Diagnosed with a simple ultrasound.) I would call your PCP, and ask for their advice.

I agree with @marinelife- I’d wait until I were symptom free for 24 hours. Keep a bland diet until you know what’s going on.

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So long as your employer is aware of the problem & can arrange cover for you, why worry?? Take the rest of the week off & see how you feel after the weekend :-/

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Thanks @everyone it’s one of those situations were I feel I really should go into work as I know some will say it’s only a tummy bug but I know they will be the first to complain if I pass it on to them! I just feel bad because I haven;t been there very long and I hate takng time off work!

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I would definitely take the rest of the week off. Sounds like quite an attack of something and you need to rest and feel better.

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Whenever I am sick, I always take one day off when I don’t feel sick, to allow my body to recover from the illness. Stay home.

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Sakura, my daughters salmonella disease would hide for a while, then enter her blood stream and make her sick all over again. the doctors finally determined the bacteria was hiding behind or in her gallbladder. they removed her gallbladder and this killed the bacteria.

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Wait until your body is functioning properly.
Perhaps if you went back to work now you may have a relapse. Get well soon.

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I’ve decided to stay off tomorrow and give myself time to recover a bit more. I ‘ll see how I am then possibly go back Friday

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