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What are the commonly known food items not to cook/heat in a microwave?

Asked by flo (11613points) 2 weeks ago

But I’m referring to safety related reasons, not taste related.
Feel free to add the not so well known but important items.

Added: Is it fake news if list of the things is not found under Caution in the instruction booklet?

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Grapes create plasma bursts that can damage your microwave.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I’ve added to the detail part.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Actually damage it? What happens exactly?

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@flo I don’t know. It was on YouTube. They sliced a grape almost in half and spread it out and the grape sparked.

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Is all you have to do read the list in the instruction booklet? Do you find them ( (just a random site)
all in there?

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Anything in foil or metal lined containers.
Some plastic warps but that only hurts the container, not the microwave.

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@KNOWITALL I was thinking of food items mainly when I posted the OP. I’m surprised about paper bag and nothing as dangerous.

What do you see in instruction booklets?

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Eggs in the shell.

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I have read that plain water can suddenly boil up out of the container when removed from the microwave.
Never place an unopened container without venting it.

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I second eggs, sort of. I make my own Egg McMuffin and I first crack an egg in a coffee cup and nuke it for 25 seconds so it will set, then I slide it into a pan and fry it in butter. Right at 25 second there is a loud POP! and I always expect to see an egg covered microwave but I don’t. Not sure why.

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Don’t microwave an unpeeled orange or unpeeled grapefruit. Also, hard candys with liquid centers will explode in the microwave.

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You don’t want anything with a seal, especially if there is moisture inside, as they will heat inside and then tend to explode – won’t generally damage the microwave, but will make a mess. So, uncut tomatoes, unpoked potatoes, microwave meals with plastic seals that you didn’t remember to break.

Some sausages with a membrane- again, poke holes.

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^^^yep, unpoked hotdogs can cause quite a mess! Oh, and marshmallows grow huge then explode goo all over the inside of the oven!

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Lettuce is never served in any way except fresh and raw.

The door to a microwave oven has a band about ½ inch wide all the way around the inside. It doesn’t look like much, but that is what keeps the microwaves inside the oven and it needs to be kept clean at all times.

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Saw similar cautionary story on the local news one day ,but found this online as to the “why” it happens.
( always add sugar or milk with coffee before heating in microwave to prevent explosions or frothing overflow.
See video ( water and coffee example)

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@SmartAZ, wedges of lettuce are sometimes grilled.

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No. It is not fake news if every single item that should not be microwaved is not found on a list of caution.

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How about heating deli in microwave being bad?

What do microwaves instructions say on this topic?

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What specific deli are you talking about? Soup? Soup is fine.
Sandwich? Sandwich would be nasty unless you were very careful.

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@kruger_d “wedges of lettuce are sometimes grilled.”

Well goll-llee! I never heard of such a thing!

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Is there anything that’s not grilled nowadays? (can you grill anything/ Google)
By the way, (grilling cause carcinogen)

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Grilled Cheerios aren’t so whoopy.

There is a grilled pineapple recipe I want to try.

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