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Can you help me fill out a birthday card for my boss?

Asked by brettvdb (1192points) November 11th, 2010

My boss turns 30 today, so I bought him a card. The card says this:
“To a special baby on his 1st birthday” (I have crossed out “1st” and written in sharpie “30th”)

It’s basically supposed to be like a memory book – and each page has a heading. They are:
Funny things I did and said.
Family and friends who helped me celebrate.
Presents I liked a lot.

I need funny ideas to write under each heading. I have some more personal things already written, but fluther is usually pretty funny so I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas of things that are a bit more generic – he has a good sense of humor.


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Suggestion: Tell us the headings. Also, you should put this question in the Social section.

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The headings are in the description:

Funny things I did and said.
Family and friends who helped me celebrate.
Presents I liked a lot.

It won’t let me move this to the social section anymore – can a mod do it for me?

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Under Funny Things I Said and Did:

The time I put on the lampshade at the office Christmas party. You guys’ll have to tell me what I said.

Present I liked a lot:

The Ferarri I never got.

Family and Friends Who Helped Me Celebrate”
Put a picture of an ape or monkey dancing around.

Response moderated (Writing Standards)
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Friends and family who helped me celebrate:

—The sociable jellies on Fluther. (The asocial jellies, anti-social jellies, the jellies working night shift, and the jellies actually by-god working during the day and not on Fluther just then, and the jeilies on the other side of the world who are sleeping like normal folks, didn’t. At least not yet.)

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Funny things I did and said.
I poooped in my pants and started to cry.

Family and friends who helped me celebrate.
I did not and do not care. I want my presents!

Presents I liked a lot.
All of them (except yours, a shirt? you must be kidding me!) and you can’t play with them.

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[mod says] I’ve moved this question to Social.

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“oh i remember that one time…secrets are great.”

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