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I have to say its a lot easier to tell the type of car if the photo is of the tailgate. Inparticular the bit where they put the name of the car.

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it’s the new Fiat 500

The Toyota has that little flip thing/fake spoiler in the back; @rexpresso ‘s pic doesn’t have that. Also look closely at the badge on the hood.

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@zenvelo I don’t think so. I’ve seen a lot of 500’s and it doesnt look like it at all. The headlights on a 500 are different and the body is shorter. The spoiler is also not definitive as toyota make most iq’s without them. As for the badge, Fiat 500’s have two long silver things in either side of the badge which @rexpresso‘s doesn’t have. The 500 also has a much flatter nose.

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This is a Fiat 500. They’ll be selling it here in Four days, just one day after my birthday!

This is the European Toyota iQ, which is the mystery car you asked about originally. It will be sold in the States this coming spring as the Scion iQ because the car just pairs better with the teenage-mod-happy marquee of Scion (US only) rather than the hum-drum regular division of Toyota. In case you don’t understand, Scion is owned by Toyota and the cars are sold at Toyota dealers.

This is a picture of the first- and second-generation Scion xB, which is the Scion SUV. @john65pennington Dunno how you thought that little guy was an SUV, but w/e.

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