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Why does my audio sometimes get scratchy from my laptop speakers?

Asked by buckyboy28 (4961points) November 12th, 2010

Every once in a while I will go to play a video or song and my speakers will get really scratchy. It then stays scratchy until I restart the computer.

It’s only happened a few times. I am using a Dell Latitude D530 running Windows 7 Ultimate.

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I would have to have all of your computer specifications including what sound card you have and the processor type on your computer to be certain. It does sound like two similar problems I have run into before. The first was the sound card did not have a compatible driver for the operating system. The second was a program was interfering and causing the CPU to spike which made the scratchy sound. While it could be a number of things, I would suggest if you have a warranty to take advantage of it or bring it to a repair shop.

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Size, volume and sturdyness are all related in speakers. Laptop speakers break because they’re too small. I doubt you’ll get it working again but I wish you luck in proving me wrong.

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@Zyx I’m using them right now, and they sound fine. It only happens occasionally.

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@buckyboy28 You have not convinced me of anything. By “working again” I meant without the “occasionally”. I’m sorry to say I would bet money (haha, not really) that this flaw will remain in your speakers until they give out completely.

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Your cables are broken somewhere and the static is when they are not fully connected. If you move them frequently (as I do with my head phones) it will get worse over time.

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does this happen only with certain songs?

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