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I need advice about a software / hardware problem: I keep being redirected in Firefox...

Asked by scotsbloke (3756points) January 1st, 2010

Here’s the thing….......
I keep being redirected to oher websites with firefox.
I’m using a Dell Latitude D620 Windows XP Pro SP3 and firefox 3.5.6
I’ve tried running RegCure, Adaware, Spybot, hijack this and anti malware and it keeps happening. I’ve uninstalled all add-ons in firefox too.

I’ll do a search on google, then click a link and it takes me to somewhere totally random, (not porn sites or anywhere specific, although once or twice it has taken me to porn but it seems totally random. if I click the back key it takes me to where I wanted to go. Not exactly life threatening but highly infuriating!

Does anyone know what is going on?
What else can I use to fault find and fix it. it’s driving me up the freakin wall!
I got a wee bit help from a nice chap on a forum but it’s still happening. I cant do a restore, and re-installing firefox does’nt help. I prefer Firefox to I.E. or Opera (the re-direct does’nt happen on them by the way)
Am trying to avoid a full re-format (my PC has just been rebuilt)

Any ideas out there?

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Have you tried completely removing firefox? (I don’t mean reinstalling) Then downloading and install again?

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I found this online, not sure if it’ll help you.

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@pjanaway = Hi matey, yup I tried that.

@eeveegurl = Haven’t read that – am on it now…...........(well, reading it lol)


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Sounds like some kind of malware infection to me – as @eeveegurl suggests.

I recommend a full scan with Spybot S&D, and Spyware Blaster.

Do them in safe mode.

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I picked up a nasty redirect virus on my work computer a few weeks ago. My (sometimes competent) IT guy had to reinstall my OS. It was a mess. He has since insisted that everyone in the building install SuperAntiSpyware.

If you figure out a way to get rid of whatever you’ve got, please post so we can all see.

Also, I know I’m trolling a little here, but this is why I run a Mac at home.

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tried all the above and it’s still happening.
Am about to install Avast and Superantispyware to see if they can see anything.

I see a re-format in my future…..

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Right, Think I may have this puppy sussed!

Seems it’s wdmaud.sys – It is a trojan/google redirect.

This may take a wee bit of explaining so bear with me.

I found the following sites that explained the problem and solution -

wdmaud.sys is a trojan/google redirect & fix
Oh, that nasty Google Redirecting Virus
wdmaud. sys (computer virus?)
How to remove wdmaud error
How to remove Google searches redirect virus

believe it or not I did all the fixes,( best to be safe eh? lol) so far it seems it’s worked!
Woo Hoo
I also got a prog called StopZilla – which apparently is a good one for this type of problem.
I hope no-one else get’s this wee bug cos it’s VERY annoying! lol

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Glad to hear you figured out the problem! :)

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With your help I did. Cheers!

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