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Does anyone know about brain fluid or pregnancy?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12618points) November 13th, 2010

So I’m trying to research something someone told me while I was pregnant (have a 9 month old now) but I don’t know where to begin because what was told to me was simplified.

This is what was told to me. That while pregnant a baby takes from mom’s body to get what she needs. We all know this is true that is why they tell moms to eat healthy for herself b/c baby is taking from her body whether mom is nourishing herself well or not.

So here is the rest of what I was told. That if not properly nourished a baby (or the body for the baby) will take from your brain fluid because it is really fatty and rich in nutrients. And that brain fluid can never be replenished. Haha. Of course this is oversimplified and only in very small amounts.

But does anyone have any knowledge on if this is true? Or how I would research it via the net, what search terms to use etc..?


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Well they say you should eat for two and often pregnant women take strange food fads but I have never heard of pregnancy affecting brain fluid. Eat healthily would be good advice. If you are in any doubt I am sure your doctor or health centre will be happy to give you advice.

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Uh… Thanks? Did you read my question?? I am NOT pregnant. Haha. I’m just looking into something I was told out of interest.

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Sorry, I thought maybe you were pregnant so I was being tactful. The brain fluid theory doesn’t sound likely but you can search under cerebrospinal fluid.

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Well some chemicals in the human body (like I imagine most brainmatter) are reusable, just add energy (and RNA and stuff). But the brain is protected by the blood-brain barrier and I doubt it would allow for such deconstruction of this most vital of organs. Being in bad enough shape however (with a giant parasite in your belly, I ain’t mad at it though) might break down your brain anyway at which point the junk would be eated by the babby too.

I couldn’t resist.



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No. Not true.

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The csf (cerebro-spinal fluid) that surrounds and bathes the central nervous system is continuously secreted & re-absorbed—in fact it “turns over” several times a day. Thus the claim that csf cannot be replenished once it’s lost does not (forgive the pun) hold water.

Fetal brain development depends on lipid synthesis, and might deplete the mother of certain critical lipid nutrients—I’m out of my expertise here. In general a developing fetus has a tendency to “steal” from the mother if her levels are inadequate for both—in this sense the fetus is like a parasite.

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@gasman I think you are hitting more onto what I was told as I’m unable to articulate it as it was told to me. I remember this whole analogy of the baby “stealing” from the mother. I’m just wondering if some of what is stolen comes from some kind of fatty? brain substance. Perhaps lipid nutrients as you suggest, I’m not sure. I’m guessing there may be a little truth in a bigger myth. Or perhaps I am just stating it wrong. The person who told it to me has over 25 years of experience so I’m obliged to think they know a bit of what they are talking about.

So I must stop calling it “brain juice” since it clearly isn’t the CSF that this person was talking about.

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Finally! Something to explain Baby Brain Syndrome.~

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The brain is pretty immune to being used as food for baby, so that’s nonsense, and as was mentioned above, the fluid is replenished constantly. The brain’s fat is another story though. The brain is mostly fat and that fat does indeed remain fairly statically there for most of one’s life.
The rest of the body is what is actually at risk in pregnancy and a growing infant is a voracious feeder. One of the biggest risks is calcium and minerals that WILL be leached from the mother’s body if she is not actively replenishing them through diet.

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My brain refuses to think it is mostly or even any fat. My bum is but my brain is all filled with slim and trim brain tissue. I wonder if the person talking to you was joking a little in that we all go through a little pudding brain time?

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From an article in American J Clin Nutrition

“Arachidonic (AA) and docosahexaenoic (DHA) acids are major components of cell membranes and are of special importance to the brain and blood vessels. In utero, the placenta selectively and substantially extracts AA and DHA from the mother and enriches the fetal circulation…”

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Finally, some useful & reliable info: From an article at on Fish Oil supplements during pregnancy:

“There is some evidence that mothers who take 4 grams of fish oil daily during the last half of pregnancy may improve their baby’s cognitive development by some measures, but not others. At age 2.5 years, these children seem to have better hand and eye coordination, but reasoning, social, motor, and speech skills are not significantly improved.”

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@GeorgeGee Nooooo! It was the last refuge for my denial! Sorry @RedPowerLady to sideline your post.

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