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Do you have any tricks to help someone who's taking an online algebra course?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36142points) November 13th, 2010

I am so frustrated that I swear will never take another math course online. Most of it’s fairly straight forward and simple, but man, when you get stuck you STAY stuck because there is no one there to give you that little tweak that will suddenly make everything crystal clear. My teacher does answer my emails, but sometimes it takes a day. Being stuck is causing me to fall behind, and that’s not good.

If you’ve taken an online math course, what were your experiences? How do you compensate for this?

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I’ve taken a bunch and had great success. The key is staying on top of the work, but there are online resources as well. I highly, highly recommend you watch the appropriate instructional videos on and Those helped me tremendously, to the point that the book became secondary.

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There are also some online tutoring sites that you work with a real person in real time, if you get stuck on a concept. If you don’t solidly understand a concept, moving forward presents problems.

You can do it!

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My head hurts.
@cockswain That’s the hardest thing, staying on to of the work….

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I promise the videos will make it much easier. Just watch like 20–30 minutes worth every day so it is kind of always in your mind. Avoid cramming at the last minute if possible.

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