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I thought the San Francisco Chronicle was 100% online now?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) February 3rd, 2012

Am I mistaken? I could have sworn I read that the Chronicle would be online only, I remember reading this in 2009 or 2008. Thanks!

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I can’t find anything that says that. The print edition is going strong.

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I thought all major city papers were online now?

Is it me, or is that not really a question?

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I get it every morning and read it on the way to work on BART. They have a number of “print only” articles that are delayed 24 or 48 hours before they’re on the website. Conversely, they have a number of blogs that are never in the paper.

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@wundayatta The asker is saying online only.

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Ah. I took that to mean 100% online as opposed to 89% or 75% online. The significance of the “only” in the details didn’t sink in.

But it does seem it isn’t even 100% online yet, so it would be hard to be only online. I don’t see print going away any time soon. People seem to really like the feel of something like paper in their hands.

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