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What to do if an eBay seller doesn't communicate with you?

Asked by mirza (5042points) February 13th, 2008

Ok here’s what happened: I won this auction on eBay for a rare cell phone. Before the auction ended, I asked the seller a question and he never replied. But since it looked like such a good deal, i still bid on it. After I won the auction, I contacted the seller again and he still has not replied. I still have not paid him yet. I have a feeling that the seller is a scammer since when I looked him up i found another account with a similar username (the last digit was different) with really negative feedback. So how long should I wait before reporting? Also since I am not paying, can he report me on eBay for not paying? Is there a way to cancel this transaction?

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The standard (and reasonable) time limit is three days after the close of the auction; if he hasn’t responded to you then, report it to eBay.

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If he hasn’t invoiced you, you don’t owe anything. Also, ebay recently changed their rule and sellers cannot leave negative feedback for buyers. What was his rating? How many feedbacks?

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@eight: the rule where eBay sellers cannot leave negative feedback for buyers gets enacted in may 2008. And no he hasn’t sent me any invoice yet.

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Thanks for the help guys . I ended up waiting 10 minutes to chat with an eBay representative. I explained what happened. It turns out that other people had reported the same thing. So eBay filed a complaint against him and told me that the auction was cancelled and that I would not be held liable to pay for. And luckily, 5 minutes after I spoke with the representative, I found the phone (which also happens to be the best camera phone in the market) I was looking as a Buy It Now. It was a little bit more expensive but from a reliable seller.

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i love ebay. and i love the new NO NEGATIVES for buyers. cause i am a buyer. and i am always getting messed over. i know all the ebay rules.

one i did not know for the longest time is if a seller puts in a DISPUTE they cannot give you a STRIKE until you answer. so if someone puts in a dispute on feb 1, you have until feb 7 or 8 however they count 7 days) to reply. as soon as you DO reply the seller can give you a strike (only the most miserable sellers do this). but they HAVE to wait for your reply before they do anything. now if you DONT reply they CAN give you a strike and you cannot leave them feedback (and now they cannot leave you a neg – well as of may 2008)

anyone know why ebay enacted the NO NEGS for buyers and that they increased seller fees by 60%? they are hurting big time. too many disillusioned people on there.

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@artemisdivine. Ebay is shooting themselves in the foot. They’re going after sellers who have online stores, all Buy Now stuff, and abandoning the auction concept as their primary business model. I think they want to compete with Amazon by using their sellers as their suppliers. This totally sucks. I hate the Buy Now sellers. They generally list prices that are a small discount from list price and clog up the pages.

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@Eight: I totally agree. Auctions were what made eBay great. I suppose you could say that they’re reorienting their business model, but I don’t like it. If I wanted a bunch of “buy it now” sellers, I’d go to Amazon.

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