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How do I get rid of cigarette smell?

Asked by xacrox (243points) April 4th, 2008 from iPhone

my new apartment smells like smoke how to I get rid of it?

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How about torching that apartment (after you insure it)?

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haha, the rent is really cheap. So I don’t mind a few minor adjustments.

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febreeze it, or you could steam clean the floors and vacuum. mop the floors with bleach and all that jazz!

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leave the windows open as much as possible, i would scrub the place clean, and then burn candles and incense often for a few days and that should help a bit I thought think. It’s going to take some washing of the floors and a lot of spray though.

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You could try burning some inscence. A lot of inscence!
I’m REALLY glad you got a deal on that place!!!

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Febreeze is a great product! I hate inscence! but if you have dry wall you really need to paint the walls that will help alot and you have hard wood floors first get the cat dooky up and you can use murphys oil (brand name) to clean the floors. That should work! and if your budget is tight for paint go to Home Depot, Lowes or any place that sells paint and ask where their “oops” paint is. Thats paint that people ordered and the color was wrong. It sells for like $5 a gallon and they usually have alot of colors to choose from! hope this helped!

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thanks guys you’re all awesome!

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They have a spray called Meter Mist (ZeP) It’s used in hotels and alot of places of buisness. The answers above are great as well.

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Listen to Robby. There’s a product in a spray can like a flea bomb that you can get
at janitor-supply stores. You set it off, leave the apartment (depending on floorplan
you might need a couple of them), go have lunch, come back and it smells like a little
bit of a cleaning product, but that disappears in a couple of days.
These stinkbomb things cost about $12. Not sure about carpets. If bomb doesn’t work
on them, you might have to require your landlord to steam-clean or pay for you to do it.

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A dish of ammonia, left out while you are not home is good at removing odor. Also you could wash down the walls and cabinet doors with a diluted ammonia and water solution. It cuts the grease on walls that the smoke particulates get stuck in.
If you do repaint, remember:
Low VOC or no VOC is best

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The home fragrance oils from the Body Shop (you burn with a ceramic vase), do an amazing job at getting rid of odor.

I have a friend who smoke a decent amount of pot. He always burns one of those when he does, and you’d never even know. Even while he’s smoking.

I have a few different scents for my place when it gets a little stale. I recommend the sandalwood or tangerine.

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stop smoking. or… glade has a sent that is made for tobacco smell. its awesome, i use it all the time.

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The other day I was watching mythbusters and I think if you mix vodka with your detergent it will get rid of the smell.

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@misses chainsaw: I don’t smoke. In fact I’m vegan-edge. The prior tenants smoked.

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I 2nd the Zep Meter Mist. I have not found a smell that it could not handle. It costs, so shop around or ask friends for suggestions as to where to purchase it.

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