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I'm looking for wine club membership suggestions.

Asked by jamms (609points) November 13th, 2010 from iPhone

I am looking for a wine club that will mail a new wine to someone each month. I hope to not spend more than $250 a year. Shipping is to North America. Any suggestions?

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What a great idea! I’ve heard of them but never used one. Here is a link to an independent site that rates wine clubs. Just click on the club name to read more about their offerings and costs.

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We used to belong to the Bogle Vineyards wine club. Bogle wines have won many prestigious awards. Their old vine zins and ports are wonderful. We quit the club since the winery is just half an hour away. It is a great place for picnics, etc. California wine clubs, if not all such clubs, are limited as to where they can send wine. Not all states allow the importing of out-of-state wines. This is to protect their own wineries. Pick up a Bogle wine at your local bottle shop and see if you like their product.

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That’s a nice idea for a gift. If I were the recipient, I’d also be very happy with a gift certificate to my local wine shop or a wine class.

Here’s an article with some thoughts about the pros and cons of wine clubs. I think not being able to choose your own selections is definitely a drawback. The article suggests going to your local wine retailer and talking with them- they can help you choose a mixed case. The thought behind signing someone up for a wine club and picking out your own case is about the same, but I think choosing them yourself makes for a much more effective gift.

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It is a nice gift and I don’t say that simply because I run a wine club. Some people don’t want to take the time, or don’t have the experience to select wines themselves, so a wine club can help them not only learn about wine but expand their palate.

BTW, my club is featured on that independent site. We’re ranked 5th out of the top wine clubs and also show up at #1 for 90+ point clubs.

State by state shipping laws are a real pain, most clubs will ship to about 35 states.

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