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Will I get cheaper & better laptop deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday online?

Asked by jjosephs (112points) November 13th, 2010

In the market for a new laptop. Looking to spend anywhere from $600 to $1000.

Will I get better deals on Black Friday from online retailers such as eBay, Amazon,,, etc.

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Six of one, half-dozen of the other. It really depends much more on exactly what laptop you’re looking to get.

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If you’re looking for an Apple product, you need to buy on black Friday to get their discount. but a lot of the discounts online are available on black Friday, and some for the weekend, but not necessarily on Monday.

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I would check out this.

The difference probably isn’t going to be that much between the two days. I would just buy what you want. You might save 20 bucks but if you drop 600 on a laptop that isn’t a big deal.

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Computers go on sale all the time, not just on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. One trick a Best Buy guy told me once was, if you can, to get your hands on the Sunday newspaper flyers on Saturday. Then you can go into the store on Saturday and buy a computer for Sunday’s price and then get a price adjustment. This works well for me because my newspaper carrier delivers that part of the paper Saturday morning and then delivers the Sunday front page, the time significant part, Sunday morning. You can sometimes get an early edition of the Sunday paper, with the weekly sales, at your local convenience store Saturday night. It’s worth a shot.

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Less important is how much you are willing to spend than what you want it to do. If this is for school and internet and email, you could get a MacBook (or now a MacBook Air) for much less on the refurbished section of the Apple Store online than any deal you will get on black friday at a retail store. (Can’t speak for any establishment but Apple retail.)

If this is going to be a DAW or similar workstation, you may need to raise your price a bit.

Have you considered a netbook?
Have you considered an iMac? Lot’s of bang for your buck with in a desktop.

@lillycoyote – I had that idea as well but a trusted source told me that BB does not price adjust for Black Friday prices (unverified but believed)

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