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Does anyone know of any good bars in Atlanta?

Asked by annaott22 (516points) April 4th, 2008

All the ones I go to are getting borring. I like live bands and little hole in the wall places not big giant corprate clubs.

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a friend says Sambuca (not hole in the wall though)

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I’ll have to look them up! thank you!

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The bar my bestie works at is called “Thrive” and it has free sushi on . . . Tuesdays . . . Wednesdays? I can’t remember. Free Sushi!

I can’t remember the exact names or nights that were awesome.

MGQ if you don’t mind smoke.

StarBar? maybe, was also fun, played fun 80s music. And there was this freaking awesome Latin club that had a pool/pond thing in it and live music. Can’t remember the name of that one at all.

There are a ton of fun bars!

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