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What's the best bar for good whiskey in NYC?

Asked by stephan (59points) May 20th, 2008
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As far as the bar it self, try this site:

As for the Whiskey, what type are you more fond of? Single Malt, Bourbon, Blended etc….

For a good old Irish Whiskey try: Kilbeggan aged 15 years.

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If it’s Irish you’re after, look for places that stock Jameson and Bushmills (black label).

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@Wildflower, I second the Bushmills. You are right, Black label is good however Bushmills Malt 16 years….WOW!

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That is probably true. I’m actually not a whiskey drinker myself (Irish coffee being the one exception), but you can’t really live around here for very long without knowing which ones are known as the good ones :)

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Whiskey Ward on the Lower East Side (once called the Whiskey Ward). Want books with your booze? How about Hudson Bar & Books. Want to soak up some literary atmosphere? Drink where Dorothy Parker did at the Algonquin Lobby Lounge. Blue Fin bar also offers sushi. Failte, somewhat out of the way in Murray Hill, has more than 50 different types of whiskey to choose from and a homey Irish feel.

Have some smoky Glenn Fiddich for me, please!

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I had a great Manhattan at Von, right down the street from the old CBGB.

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My buddies opened Whiskey Town last year. It’s great.

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The owners of Whiskey Town have opened a new bar in Chinatown appropriately named Whiskey Tavern… They have a ridiculous amount of whiskey (60+ different varieties) plus a great bar food menu and the added bonus of having a garden designed by Breedmitch!. my new favorite Brooklyn whiskey bar is Fette Sau. They have become a Williamsburg staple for classic smoked BBQ meats, but their true treasure is their whiskey list. A very impressive grouping of classic, rare, and local whiskies.

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