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What's really in Area 51?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) November 15th, 2010 from iPhone

I think it’s because they’re so secretive about it that’s makin me want to find out so bad. Does anyone know? How do you find out? Can I get a janitorial job there to find out?

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Have you seen Independence Day??

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Experimental aircraft, some weapons, undoubtedly, and a bunch of defense industry pencil pushers.

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Aliens, obviously, lol – nah, nothing’s there.

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When i was a kid, about 8 yearrs old, i can remember a summer day that i layed on the grass and was imagining faces in the clouds. ever do that? i saw a rabbit, a snowman and eight shiny discs in V-formation. the sun was unusually bright that summer afternoon and the visibility was unlimited. up until this day, i have never really told anyone of my discovery. i just kept it to myself. after my sighting, the country was loaded with other individual sittings. this was in 1952. the discs moved quietly at about 15,000 feet above the earth. they never changed direction. they traveled from east to west, as though they were heading for Area 51.

This is my story and i’m sticking to it.

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The United States Air Force Flight Test Center controls the base. You’ll have very little luck getting a janitorial job there. ;)

I grew up in Vegas and remember stories of protesters near the site. They were not very welcomed there, that’s for sure.

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@noelleptc, I think you have to either be heavily involved in the Air Force, or a physicist or engineer to work there.

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Just know that it is secret and you will not get in there. There is some really great technology being tested there.

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Oh by the way @noelleptc there is a place in Oregon that has much more than Area 51 stored there.

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Since it’s top secret no one really knows. They can only assume. I always assume that it is a place where they make toilets, underwear, and spam.

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@JustmeAman “There is some really great technology being tested there.”
How do you know?

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@erichw1504 he was talking about toilets, underwear, and spam. Doesn’t get much greater than that.

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@YoBob Haha, I love the reviews people have made for it.

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Has anyone ever heard of the FED Log?

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@JustmeAman Not really, could you please elaborate?

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If they were smart there wouldn’t be anything at Area 51, at least nothing of importance. Once movies and stuff started being made about it and people started showing up there they should have moved everything to another secret site but keep interest in Area 51 high so nobody thinks to look somewhere else.

Or, maybe that’s why there are movies and TV shows and books dealing with Area 51: just to keep you focused on the red herring.

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Most of Area 51 is not a problem any more. There are other places where some technology was taken and being tested. If you get a change take a look at Jesse Ventura conspiracy theory on Friday nights. He tried to get into Area 51. These is nothing you will see above ground during the day at Area 51. I guess you can’t get close enough anyway.

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I think J.K. Rowling used to keep some of the Harry Potter manuscripts there.

Just kidding… although it would be kinda cool.

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@JustmeAman I like Jesse Ventura and his show. From what I remember the government has been testing some very high tech type of aircraft that can move around 10,000 miles per hour. Apparently the government wants people to believe there were UFO’s flying around Area 51 to hide the fact they possess this technology.

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I really enjoy Jesse’s show as well @Paradox. I have talked with Jesse and gave him some information. Last week I was examining samples from the World Trade Center.

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Area 51 is mostly planes some of which we’ll learn about in 12 years but that’s because what the military has and what the public knows about tends to have a 12 year gap (sometimes a lot more like in the case of the SR-71 Blackbird).

I’d rather get into “Dreamland” though, that’s some amazing technology there.

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There’s a sign near the entrance to Groom Lake that says deadly force is authorized to be used against trespassers. Whatever is there, it’s tippy top secret. :)

I really think there’s no conspiracy and no aliens; it’s just where they develop brand new weaponry and aircraft and it’s meant to be secret.

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Agree with @mrentropy. Everything from Area 51 was moved to Area 52 which is located in a suburb of Atlantis. Turn left at the Bermuda Triangle and ask the Kraken if you get lost. Expect to be eaten immediately,

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There was quite a bit moved from Area 51 to Oregon a number of years ago. Just look at my large avatar and you will see some technology that is very secret.

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@JustmeAman Isn’t that a stealth fighter?

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@erichw1504 no it’s a stealth bomber

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That’s where Elvis “fists” Michael Jackson, while Judy Garland looks on quizzically. It’s a rumour….don’t shoot the messenger.

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Yes it is the Bomber, I just saw the word STEALTH.

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@JustmeAman So, how is that technology secret?

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@erichw1504 the material used that makes it stealth is secret, from what I understand, we’re the only country who really actually uses this technology at all (though we did give Britain 2 SR-71 Blackbirds after we decommissioned them), in fact if I’m not mistaken, we’re the only ones who have it. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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Just a thought for you all. Where did we get stealth and yes we are the only ones with it.

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Either there’s a captured alien spacecraft there, or a couple of old rusted out World War 2 era Soviet bombers that were classified top secret technology at the time and because they’re still classified top secret national security the government has to keep the lid on them…

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A great conspiracy theory.

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Experimental aircraft, mostly.

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Legend has it that Patton stashed a bunch of tanks in the sand near there, too, in case of a Japanese attack on the West Coast. Presumably, they’re still there.

If you ask me, “phantom desert tank fleet” is more tantalizing than “bureaucratic shut-ins and their experimental aircraft.”

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Driving past Area 51 this summer on the Extraterrestrial Highway me and my boyfriend both agreed that it’s NO wonder that people who live near area 51 are so convinced aliens exist. In the short time we were beside it, we saw more than a few odd looking aircraft and heard strange noises and whatever. I get it. It’s “experimental aircraft” so they say. But it’s just as plausible that it’s also that they’re experimenting with alien technology from their aircrafts…..........cmon.

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