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Will Google acquire fluther?

Asked by wundayatta (58709points) November 15th, 2010

Facebook’s e-mail addition is scaring Google big time. Google doesn’t have a social network to generate traffic to products that people want to buy. It doesn’t have a human recommendation function. So Google wants to acquire that function.

fluther is small, but perhaps it has a culture that Google likes. Or maybe it doesn’t even matter. Google just will acquire every social networking site they can get their hands on.

What do you think?

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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Please.

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It will have to go through me first!

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I hope it doesn’t, then it will just be to popular and no fun anymore.

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If I were Google and I wanted to get into the social networking game, I would want to acquire fluther. It probably wouldn’t be too hard for Google to offer some serious serious money to our guys. I wouldn’t blame them for taking it if it were offered.

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Unless they raid quite a big number of social network sites, I highly doubt it. They should have thought of that when MySpace was popular. But if it happens I’m gonna go hang myself in the barn.

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It might be along the lines of the negotiation with Mel Gibson to do Lethal Weapon 4. He said, “there is no way I’m doing it. Not for any amount of money.” When they offered him 40 million he said, “Except for that amount.”

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Doubtful. They’ve already put their money elsewhere.

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No. I don’t think Fluther is big enough to interest them. They should have bought Myspace back when it was popular.

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If they do then I would like to be a shareholder in Fluther.

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@augustlan Thanks for reminding us about Aardvark. I’d forgotten about that.

I personally would not want Google to buy Fluther as Fluther would then change, imho.

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Google will only acquire social networks which have a Wikipedia entry.

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Google is the boogie man, he will come take you at night and assimilate you!
(No I don’t think google would take over fluther, but make a competing product.)

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