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What does it take to become a piercer?

Asked by littlekori (676points) November 16th, 2010

To be a piercer to you have to go to college or like a special school to learn how to do it or what? Or do you just do training and stuff?
I eventually want to do it as a part time job or something when i get older, but i dont even know what it takes or the qualifications or anything.

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It depends on where you live, but the short answer is “not much”. In Oregon, for example, I found this: The Oregon State Health licensing office requires that individuals wishing to obtain a License as a piercing technician complete paperwork and pay a $35 fee. There is no practical evaluation or examination. There are 700 registered body-piercing technicians in Oregon

Flipping burgers, or piercing nipples, not much difference, apparently. You want fries with that?

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You apprentice with an already established piercer. Same thing for tattoo artists. There’s no real school for either.

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do you have to be a certain age?

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When my daughter did this, she lucked out. She tells me that normally a person has to pay an established piercer-trainer for about a year to learn about it. They are then giving half the money they make to the P-T, until they have the required skills. Also, any piercing this person hasn’t done before is free for the recipient.

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do you know if you have to be a certain age?

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My daughter began at 17, but I don’t think she is a good example of the norm here.

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alright. yeah, its really hard to find good information on this kind of stuff.
because Im hoping that you can be a little younger to at least watch. because im turing 16 in about a month so.

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