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Are you as sick of glorifying war as I am?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30954points) November 17th, 2010

This should be illegal. The latest Call of Duty Black Ops commercial glorifies war to such an extent that they want us to believe that killing people is a stress release. It’s FUCKING SICK PEOPLE!!!

When will we stop this? How can we stop this?

Please please tell me! I’m so sad our nation, our world has become such a horrid place.

Are we so lost?

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Yes I am too
I wish I knew how to stop it, but I don’t even understand why it goes on so I don’t know where to begin… how people can fathom killing each other.

War seems so archaic, doesn’t it? When I was little I didn’t think we actually had wars anymore, and even now, it’s hard to wrap my head around. That people willingly put other people into a human blood bath? That people willingly jump into the blood bath? I know it’s for their country, and I respect their courage, I just wish it was directed somewhere else.

It really is sick. I’m feeling sick even talking about it.
But I still don’t know how to get us un-lost. I’m in the same place you are…

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It’s rather ironic that this is part of a country’s culture that abhors the idea of mandatory military conscription.

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Sadness. I’m so sad at this. I will cry many tears because of this. Not only because it’s happening, but because I don’t know what to do about it or how to stop it. I’m so sad.

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haha It is pure evil propaganda mind fu*k brainwashing.
Give em kids plenty of death ‘Gore’ blood n guts thats ok but heavens above censor lovemaking, and sex ! The Naked body love and nature are the true threats.

Its extremely clever how they managed to put sex and violence in the same category

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Thay (who are thay?), don’t want us to know ourselves. Thay only want us to know what can kill ourselves. It is suspicious to say the least. Thay are against us. Why?

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Thay are gathering enough power , wealth and complete control over the world that Thay are ready for thar Utopia of living in this beautiful planet as Gods and thay will only need several million of us left to service them. Lucky buggers

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thar?… ha!...

i’ve heard it all now

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ha ha
thar she blows

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if every guy could be so lucky, we wouldn’t be having these problems

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No, I am not.

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Okay, now that I’ve let that sit for a minute: remind me to not ask a loaded question on this website. I think it’s largely unproductive.

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It’s a game, Nobody is killing anybody playing that game. Mankind has always glorified violence. The glorify it with war, public executions. professional fighting. contact sports, impact sports, action movies, horror movies,gladitorial combat, video games, art, music, dark comedies, etc. Alot of things I have listed we still do. People like violence. Violence sells because people love it wether they want to admit it or not. Which movies do the best at the box office. Violent movies. Which video games sell the most copies. Violent video games, Which sports has the most fans, contact and impact sports. It’s no denying that mankind loves violence. It is in our nature to be violent. We are just better at controlling it most of the time than animals are. There is nothing wrong with violent video games. It’s just supplying a demand.

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Actually the games that have the biggest sales are simulations, like tractor simulators, farming simulators, train simulators, etc. There are a lot more casual gamers than real ones.

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@ragingloli Not over here. That is because The USA doesn’t censor media as heavily as other countries do.

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maybe america is just more savage than other countries :)

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@ragingloli No were not. We just aren’t afraid to admit that watching someone lose their head in a movie or video game bring a little warmth to our hearts. lol

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But then you run around like headless chicken because of some nip slips or foul language.
I can not remember to have ever heard a beep on German TV. On US TV, all the time.

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@ragingloli Different culture different standards I guess. I hate those beeps. I think with the advanced parental controls on TV parents can control what shows on their TV. That makes censorship like bleeps unneccessary.

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To me war is the absolute exception as a last resort when everything else fails. Wars always turn many humans into beasts.

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A unique beast at that, for most garden varieties don’t kill for pleasure alone. That privilege is reserved for humans.

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Ugg, yes, yes, yes!!! I’m glad people agree with me.

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I’m sick of it too. They don’t show you the real potential consequences of war otherwise they couldn’t dupe stupid young men from upping. They don’t show people with their arms and legs blown off or other parts gone if you catch my drift. They don’t show the mental devastation many men experience whether they have all their parts or not. They don’t show the carnage done to families who have been left behind for years or what happens in those families when their “war hero” comes home with half a body and a totally altered personality. And if your citizens aren’t running out to up than you end up with subversive activities meant to motivate citizens to agree with the push to go to war.

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Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.
The amoral “desk murderers” who instigate wars of choice should try it.

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How is it that Call of Duty Black Ops commercial is running but This XBox 360 commercial got banned?

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This commercial looks more like something from some cheesy action flick than it does any legitimate glorification of war.I find that motivational recruitment adds for the actual millitary are much more disturbing, since they attract the interested with cheesy patriotic quotes or pictures of a soldier playing soccer with little kids in a park. I think war is a little more hardcore than that, and it wouldn’t BE known as a war if its general intent was that sweet and well intended. Flame away if anyone will, I don’t care. We’re all terrorists in the eyes of other terrorists, and mankind will continue to skullfuck his fellow man, there is no event that can ever draw out man’s darkness and make it seem abnormal.

That said, this doesn’t glorify war, nor does it incite anyone to think war is awesome. How much do you know about gaming and the passion that some hold for it?

Most of the people who bought this game actually did for the Zombie Mode. It’s true.

Nevertheless, this glorifies the game, not war itself. Fans are busy playing it, not going out to kill people. And if anyone is stupid enough to believe that war is like what that commercial displays, I don’t even know how their survival instinct took them this far to begin with. I think you’re overdoing it. I’ve seen worse things that compliment war and hostility, like The Bible for example, or everything you see on Fox News.

In conclusion, war has painted most of mankind’s history. Some stupid game full of lag isn’t gonna make it any better or worse.

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I don’t have a problem with war conducted among consenting adults and fought with basic technology such as swords and spears and over clearly defined issues and in a spirit of, well perhaps some hatred but also some mutual respect. Modern warfare is not at all like that; civilians are in the front line, soldiers fight long distance with high explosives for purposes that are very obscure and the enemy is considered human vermin. The age of chivalry is indeed dead.

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I wonder how many Fox anchormen and editors or their kids have actually seen some real action and what it means to get maimed or comrades getting killed. The same applies to many conservative politicians in favor of the Iraq war. They are rich and would never send their kids. That’s for the poor folks with few alternatives.

I spent 2 years at the German army. Mastering weapons is frightening. I still remember when I had to throw my first hand grenade. Like it was yesterday. And this was just exercise. Glorifying war is unethical to say the least. Especially when done by big mouth cowards at Fox who take their SUV back home after work to sit in their cozy living room.

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