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What can I do to stop someone from hating my friends because they hate me?

Asked by megan5555 (179points) November 17th, 2010

I got in a fight with a friend who is no longer friends with me but she ignores the people I hang around that have been friends with her for a long time just because she hates me and I have no idea how to fix this situation. HELP!

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So she is tying to make your mutual friends choose between You and her ?

This makes me angry and sorry I have no solution to your situation Megan but my instinct would to never bow but to ‘bury’ her. I get the feeling that she is playing the popularity / status card ?
Just stand up be strong try be a leader, (but you don’t need any of them an much as you really think)
Also there is the fact that You never abandoned your other friends and made them choose sides, remind your friends of that.

(oh is there no chance of peace? can you go round to talk to the girl you fought with?)

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Having friends who try to manipulate you is unfortunate. If she’s ignoring your mutual friends, then she is going to be the one that needs to make new friends. Perhaps she’s reinventing herself. Let it go; you cannot make it right, and it will only result in more drama, which is perhaps the whole point. If you don’t make her emotional needs the center of attention for a whole group of people, everyone’s life will return to normal more quickly.

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You can’t do anything to change someone else’s behavior.

Actually, you don’t have a dog in this hunt.

Her behavior (which is very childish, by the way) is to ignore some people who hang out with you. So it is between her and them.

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It’s not your fault how she relates to your friends. That’s between her and them. Taking responsibility for this is like taking responsibility for a hurricane. It’s absurd. She’ll either grow up and start being reasonable or she won’t. I wouldn’t spend any more time worrying about her. She is not your responsibility.

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RIGHT… i think you should stop worrying and leave it…. she can sort herself out.
i don’t think there IS much you can do in this sitch because she is the one unwilling to even interact with the people you are around… she’s trying to make you feel bad when really it’s got nothing to do with you if she’s not talking to her friends.that’s her choice and i’m sure she’ll Grow Out OF It.

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I been through this before. Just ignore the girl that hates you. I been through this with a guy that liked me. It had to do with the same girl. His closest friend that’s a girl didn’t like me. So she made him choose me or her. Ignoring her is the best way. You won’t be brought into a LOT of drama.

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