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Any ideas about how to finish this babysitting poster?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) November 17th, 2010

OK, so I’ve finally convinced my mom to let me put up a couple babysitting posters in our town. Yay! But I’m kind of stuck on how to word a couple things on the poster. Here’s what I have so far:

Affordable, Reliable 14-year-old Babysitter
Mother’s Helper
Rates flexible
Hours flexible

and our contact information.

1. The word “tutoring” doesn’t seem right. I haven’t taken any special classes on tutoring or anything. I just want something on there to say that since I’m in 9th grade, I should be able to help kids with their homework. Should I say “Homework help”? How would I word that? If kids come to our house, my mom can help them, also, and she’s been home schooling kids since my brother (who just graduated from college) was in kindergarten.
2. Any other tips about this? Anything else I should put on there, ways to make it look cool (I can’t figure out how to do clip art – I already thought of that)?

Thank you guys so much!!

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Perhaps meantion that youve takent first aid courses.

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If it where me, I would remove the part that mentions you are 14. Instead of saying “14-year-old” just say “young and energetic”. Also, remove “rates flexible” to me that just sounds like “you can push me around and beat me down on price”. Instead, just go with “affordable” or “good prices”, but give them the idea you have a set price.

Also, you may want to include something that says you can be trusted, and if true, mention that you have no criminal record. Also, if what @tigress3681 mentioned is true, you want to mention that for sure.

If i was hiering a babysitter, my main concerns would be: will they abuse my kid? will they burn the place down? will they steal from me? will they bring a boy or girl round and just make out all day while im gone? as for price, i would be willing to pay more for peace of mind.

If you like, send me a private message when you have it all figured out, and i can help you put together a poster if you want.

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Rates Competitive is better than affordable.
References Available.

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So I have (It looks alot nicer in my word document):


Mother’s Helper
Hours flexible
References Available

And our contact information.

Also, what would you think of putting a picture of me on it? Would it look alright? Would there be anything wrong with that?

I think I’m pretty well satisfied with it!

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@ChocolateReigns -

I like the idea of you putting your picture on it – in a perfect world.

Unfortunately, if you put your picture on it, I fear you’ll be making yourself a visible target for predators. I don’t think we should exist in a world full of paranoia about people harming us and our children…but if it only adds a little bit to your ability to market yourself, it is worth avoiding any potential major harm, harassment, or mere annoyance that could accompany putting a picture of yourself up all over town.

If your concerned about having people take a chance on you, you can always put in something about discounted rates for first-time customers on there. I don’t know if this is the best idea, as there are advantages and disadvantages:


(1) people are more inclined to use you if they get a chance to see how you perform at no cost or at a cost that they feel is a bargain

(2) perception of you doing well even at a low price is the best reference you can get for future work from them, and if they just need you that one time you can increase your references available for future work from others.


(1) You may have to work more for less money at the beginning.

(2) People can take advantage of you and use you once and demand that same price again or just use you that one time because.

(3) It’s difficult to get a discount rate that is (a) effective at attracting people because of the value, (b) doesn’t make you seem desperate, cut-rate, or of poor quality by perception, and© is close enough to the actual price that the price increase for service next time doesn’t seem like it is drastic.

So…just something to think about.

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@iamthemob….Good points…I hadn’t even thought of most of those. Yeah, I guess I won’t be putting my picture on the poster.

I don’t mind working for less money than I could be getting. That’s just part of it.

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Good luck, and I praise you for getting out there and earning money :D

What are your plans?

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@squirbel Plans…Paying my dad back for the camera he bought me to go to Green Bay earlier this month, and then getting a car when I’m 16. That’s about it.

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Those are great! Good luck :D

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