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IPod touch ad music?

Asked by bmhit1991 (246points) September 10th, 2008

Steve revealed the ad for the new iPod touch 2g yesterday, and I LOVE THE music. I can’t find it, and Shazam can’t find it either. Anyone know what it is?

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Around the Bend by The Astroids Galaxy Tour.


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thanks! i got it! i LOVE it! =D

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Must Apple always pick random songs that people always love…

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YES! I find new, exciting music through apple! (although I don’t really like the music they used for the new nano ad…. but i bought it anyway. haha. because im an illogical fanboy like that)

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Apple always makes songs popular. After Apple uses it it’s every were. On everyones iPod, on the radio, and on tv.

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If you need to identify music in the future and you happen have an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, download the free Shazam app (link opens iTunes) and run it next time you hear music you like. Shazam will listen, and then tell you what it is.

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