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What business would you start?

Asked by scrappy (23points) April 5th, 2008

If you had the opportunity to start a business what would you start? If you wanted to go to work for yourself what would you do? have you already tried and succeeded or failed? It doesn’t have to be a business that makes a ‘ton’ of money either.

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A used wig store called ‘hairlooms”

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I don’t think I’d go putting ideas on the internet. People stealing intellectual property and all that.

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Horse stuff, haha. Like training, lessons, competing, etc.

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I would sell fresh produce on the side of the road. If you live outside of Utah I can show you how to make money doing it.

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I just read an article in NYT today. Sheep shearers are earning upwards from $70—$80/ hr. and there is a shortage in the US. Maybe you could sell produce for half the year and snip sheep seasonally.

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Or sell produce half the year and pop zoloft the other half!

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I would open a bakery!! I love to make cookies and cakes and try new recipes. I never have all the ingredients I need around my house so if I owned my own bakery I would always have the things that I needed.

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Open up a study skills/college admission center.

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College should be first!

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I would state but someone might steal my billon dollar idea

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Professional sperm donor…
A coffee shop in all major airports, on every street corner. Just like gas stations. Maybe even have them in grocery stores…I could franchise them out….
Like the previous idea it probably wouldn’t take off…

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I had an idea a few years ago to rent out dogs to people for the day. I just heard there’s someone doing it now.

I’ve got many business ventures I’m working on otherwise. I’d be a fool to spill the beans prematurely on here.

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i agree with skg as well.

I would start a bakery, but call it “Bachans Bakery”. Bachan is grandmother in japanese…and my “bachan” bakes thee best deserts EVER. I will borrow all her wonderful recipes, and the bakery will be decorated and itt’l be a happenin place to go. :)

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I’d follow my passions and figure out something that I could do to make a lot of money.

I’ve already tried doing this twice, and it didn’t really work out either time. I’m probably going to be trying again sooner or later.

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An Internet café called Surfboard.

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I would love to (and will) open up a bar/gallery with a certain theme in mind. I will keep it a secret and personally invite all of you when it is open and ready.

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I AM going to start a Bakery and name it after my favorit person that ever lived (my Grandpa, RIP) I love to cater and bake. Theres a new development being built in 2012 out here in Dartmouth NS – I plan to get in just before they build it up so my property is cheap and then reap the rewards when its booming. AND THEN build a non profit organization with my business to help sick kids. After all you cant be in the public eye and not give back to the public.

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