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Should I put what I learned into the next piece or redo the first one?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) January 21st, 2009

I am working on a video series and my producers want to have two episodes completely finished by the end of January. They are happy with what the current product is, but I feel like only by doing it have I learned how I actually should have done it. If I re-did the episodes they would actually be… close to interesting. In short, should I just move on and make the 3rd episode what I want it to be or redo the first two? How much pressure should I put on myself? When is it integrity and when is it insanity? Is it wrong to put something out in the world that is not up to my standards?

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I choose my battles – if something would really misrepresent my work, I redo it or fix it. If it’s a minor quibble, I’ll let it slide.

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You’re always going to get better at what you do. If you try to go back and fix what you’ve already done, you’re never going to do new interesting things. And the things you made three projects ago are never going to be as good as they could be if you do them over.

If you are satisfied with how the two episodes reflect your skills when you made them, you’re better off moving on. Make the next one better instead.

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But then, if it weren’t for perfectionism, we wouldn’t have all the Waterlilies by Monet.

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If this were your own project, I’d say redo it. It’s not, the end of January is next week and your producers are happy thus far.

I say use your new knowledge for part 3.

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I would leave them. As you work through the series you will be able to see your progress as you perfect and refine they way you make them. I’ve noticed this in many works, you can literally see that the composer/artist got better throughout the production. I like that.

…but if you wish, I do permit minor touching up, why not?

Best of luck!

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I would probably redo them. Even if nobody else thought it was necessary. But then, I also might never get to episode 3.

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Move on. If you went back now and did the revs, most likely in six months you would have another list of revs, based on what you have learned since then.

I’ve gone down the same road with photos and other graphics. Of course, in architecture, revs are a bit trickier…..and costly.

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The first few episodes of any show are choppy. I’ve come to accept this as a fact of life. Take what you’ve learned and keep plowing on forward.

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What have you learned?

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I would do what you can in editing to make sure your continuity is okay.

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Another consequence of going back is that you will spend more time doing it, and possibly be late for deadlines, and get a bad reputation with your supervisors. I suppose you could do the revisions on your own time. I wouldn’t think it was worth it, especially if you’re working for someone else. If it was for me, I might do it. But I don’t have to get anything done for myself.

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You know, I’d say go with your gut. If you feel your work could be better because you’ve learned something new, go for it. If you’re weary about being late for the deadline, just figure a way to manage your time. Even if you are late but present all the items requested and they rock, the top guys can’t really say anything.

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