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Why do kids act like tiny drunks?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) November 20th, 2010

Don’t misunderstand me, my child isn’t drunk. I just wanna know why she does some of the things she does. I’m not talking about getting wobbly when she walks, I understand she’s still working on motor skills and stuff. But some of the things she does are so irrational/funny/crazy/weird.

She just climbed behind me on the couch, pushed me off, then yanked the couch cushion off, sat on the bare floor, and started watching tv. Now she’s doing a weird side step shuffle pushing a plastic cupcake with her foot while she drinks her bottle.

Those are the only good examples I have at the moment, I’m sure I’ll think of more. Do they just do weird stuff because they’re bored or are they actually trying to accomplish something?

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Often, tiny children have the attention span of gnats and act on every impulse that comes by. Katawagrey (sorry, Sweetie, if you’re reading this, can’t help myself!) used to dump toys out of a yellow bucket, put it on her head, then run into walls, fall down and shriek with laughter. She was about 2 at the time. I never understood it, but she had so much fun I didn’t have the heart to try and stop it. And, hey, she was wearing a helmet! of sorts

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Basically, all you can do is enjoy the idiocy and try to avoid trips to the emergency room! Damn, they’re so cute when they’re that little!

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Maybe it’s not the kids acting like drunks but the drunks acting like kids.

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Although there was a lot of jest in the statement, I think that @Lightlyseared pretty much hit the nail on the head. I think that a lot of the reason why kids do what they do is a combination of both the attention span issue, and the “I haven’t learned the shame society expects me to have in filtering my behavior.”

We’d be doing stuff like that all the time, I’m pretty sure, if we didn’t have our filter.

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@iamthemob My filter is a little screwy, and I have the attention span of a goldfish on meth, so people often have a hard time guessing my age or sobriety. Needless to say, my wife rolls her eyes a lot at some of the stuff I do.

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I must be a kid at heart…I do some pretty strange shit sometimes.

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Kids have no filter. Much like a drunk when they put their frontal lobes to sleep when they drink alcohol. Kids will explore their motor skills, their surroundings, without the restriction of thinking, ‘that cushion belongs on the couch and I shouldn’t move it’. They are and should be, curious about everything. They want to know what will happen when they do ‘this’, so they do ‘this’ to see what will happen. It’s scary sometimes and parents have to intervene, of course, when this exploration gets dangerous.

No filter, no experience to call on, no sense of consequences. Just like a drunk, you’re right, but in a very innocent and sweet way. They watch and they copy and they are little sponges to any information they come into contact with. In that way, they are very different to drunks. Kids learn fast. They learn to be devious, secretive and sneaky. They learn to be loving and caring too, even if it is to just get what they want.

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LMAO! I don’t know.Three year olds are the worst ;)

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oops- meant for pm XD

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It’s the lack of inhibitions. Plain and simple.

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Can you imagine the thousands of synapses developing in a tiny new brain at any given moment? Things are firing off all the time.

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@noelleptc It’s you. You exacerbate silly.

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Today my five year old nephew was an angry drunk! Yikes!!!

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Ok. I am a preschool teacher AND a bartender…it’s all the same day. No fighting, no spitting, no cussing. Don’t pee your pants. Don’t dump anything, don’t hurt yourself or others. Don’t make me call someone at home to come and get you. If you upset me, you go sit over there. Inside voices please.

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@noelleptc So, are you saying that everybody who does not have a normal adult brain is crazy?
That includes everybody under the age of about 20 (when most humans stop growing) everybody with autism, mathematical ability, musical/artistic ability, decent spatial skills, good grammar, most ideologues (political, religious, or otherwise), any American with Common sense… basically you are saying that everybody is nucking futs!

@FutureMemory Yes, you are correct.

One nice thing about having less of a filter than average people is that I come up with some imaginative time/labor-saving ideas at work. I’ve had a few bosses over the years that were initially scared by some of the wacky things I did at work, but they soon learned that there was a method to my madness; a method that often increased productivity by a noticable margin.
Most people get filters forced on them during their childhoods, and are branded “crazy” if those filters don’t stick. Yet that childish insanity can be a great boon later on in life. Of course, it also makes a person harder for authoritarians to control, so employers and governments prefer to marginalize us “freaks” and condone acting like good little unimaginitive sheep.

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@noelleptc Some of us have a different idea of “fun”, and some of us either don’t get certain types of humor, or do not find them funny. In this case, I didn’t even see anything remotely entertaining, so I took it at face value.

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@jerv You’re interpreting my tone incorrectly. I said it with affection.


Cause they’re little rogues.

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