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The Pope says it is ok for gay prostitues to use condoms?

Asked by JLeslie (56026points) November 21st, 2010

What I don’t get is why is the Pope even commenting on gay sex when that is a big no-no in the Catholic church. Of course I know many many gay Catholics, but that is besides the point. And, that he mentions prostitutes? Did he really say that, or are the news reports wrong? I know there are reports of men being brought in for the pleaure of the Pope, but I am not looking to go down that tangent, or any other bashing of the church.

I am all in favor of the church giving the ok to condoms in general, it is a health issue afterall, aside from a form of contraception. It never made sense to me that rhythm method and abstaining is ok, but not condoms. If you are preventing pregnany you are preventing pregnancy.

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He’s commenting so his priest can understand that giving AIDS to choir boys is a big no no. This church is slowly fading away, Catholics have run out of indiginous people to subjigate, so they have to make these kind of statements to be given press. Because the general public just don’t care what he has to say anymore the only way that he gets publicity is to be controversial.

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@thekoukoureport You really think it is to get publicity? That did not even occur to me. Obviously this is going to stir up conversation about gay priests, I would think they would want to avoid that.

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@thekoukoureport Contrary to what you may think. Not all priest molest children

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Gay is very different then being a pedophile lets not confuse the two.

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@JLeslie The Catholic Church is obviously aware of the benefits of using a condom in heterosexual and homosexual relationships. A gay prostitue has a higher likelyhood of contracting and spreading HIV. A heard from a doctor that anal intercourse is a more efficient way of spreading HIV than vaginal intercourse. The majority of Catholics use condoms anyways and I am sure the Catholic Church is also aware of that. I am pretty sure that a Catholic Priest is not going to gasp in shock if he hears a Catholic in confession confessing that he used a condom. The pople is also aware that most Catholics have sex before marriage just like almost everyone else.

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@Mikewlf337 Anal intercourse spreads AIDS more efficiently because possible tears are more likely, but it happens in vaginal intercourse too. And, most heterosexuals I know have, or have had anal intercourse, just sayin’.

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The article that I read reports that the Pope said condoms are acceptable when used by male prostitutes; not by gay prostitutes. I know that many people assume “gay” when they hear the term, but I just thought that was interesting. Almost like the Pope is unwilling to admit that homosexuality exists… And I guess it’s okay for female prostitutes to contract HIV through any type of sex act [/rolleyes].

Also, in the same article, Catholic commentator Austen Ivereigh is quoted as saying “If the intention is to prevent transmission of the virus, rather than prevent contraception, moral theologians would say that was of a different moral order.” Funny little slip, that. ”Preventing contraception”... that’s what condoms are all about!

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It was a crack in the door I hope.~

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I thought it was only in particular circumstances… something to use while you “quit” doing things you shouldn’t be (like being a prostitute).

In other words, its an admission that people can’t just change their life in an instant and, in the mean time, allowing them to bend certain less important rules as they try to comply with more important ones.

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why is the Pope even commenting on gay sex

Staying within his area of expertise?

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@Seelix Condoms are also about prevent STDs…

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The ‘official’ Papal line is now saying that it’s ok to use condoms if they’re being used to stop the spread of AIDS. Using them to stop the spread of the human race and less lethal STDs is still not acceptable. Pointless rhetoric. More harm than good, as always.

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@cazzie – rhetoric surely, but I don’t know if it’s pointless. It essentially is a statement that the Church keeps it’s line that marriage is inappropriate outside of sex, that sex in a monogamous marriage is meant for procreation, and that people do sin. Therefore, the lesser of the evils is to allow for it in the situations where people are making sinful choices, but refusing to recognize that will result in the spread of a deadly disease. It’s saying, essentially, “You shouldn’t be sentenced to death because you sin.”

Disapproving of it in the other cases is saying “But, you deserve to deal with the responsibilities of your choice if they are not a death sentence.”

The fact that they haven’t seemed to back down on the pill, surgical contraception, and coitus interruptus reinforces that idea – if someone is on the pill, and decides to use the condom, the condom is approved to prevent the spread of AIDS, but the pill is not in attempting to prevent conception.

Ironically, though, it sort of makes marriage an official death sentence on sex. If you are married and every time you have sex you are going to potentially get another kid out of it…how often are you going to have sex? ;-)

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Yeah, I don’t get it either. I suppose in the interest of answering questions?

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It is interesting, because you may have seen me write previously that I know of a catholic school girl who said she would not use birth control if she decided to have sex (she was 13–14 year old virgin at the time thinking about having sex) because it was a double sin, sex and using birth control. Better to only commit one sin.

@Seelix I would argue condoms are more about the spread of disease.

Interesting that it said male prostitutes not gay. Well, it kind of makes sense since the men wear the condom, that was probably his point. Although, they are testing a new female condom.

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@iamthemob preaching that sex is a sin is pointless rhetoric too, thus the whole condom debate with the Papal pundits is the same.

I’m with Stephen and Christopher:

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@cazzie – hell…I agree that sex being a sin is an idea that pretty much causes most of the problems in the world. We need to grow up about it.

But being dismissive of the argument offhand, although it’s easy because the Catholic dogma seems so anachronistic and damaging, doesn’t really help getting them from damaging to, at least, harmless.

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The way i see it (some bashing inevitable), was that the pope once said “condoms spread aids.” This got him a lot of criticism, specialy as parts of africa are in the middle of an aids epidemic. Between that and the child abuse, he was getting bashed a lot, and the organization in general was being bashed a lot, so, this change of heart is probably a form of damage control. either that, or he has had his mind changed with facts, but i suspect it is more a damage control thing.

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I think the Pope should focus on many of the SICK priests in the Roman Catholic church. He should see the harm they have caused and stop dealing with other issues!!!!!!!!!

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Woah, you want a religious figure, one whose mission is love, and have him NOT encourage people to be safe? How absurd is that.

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I think @poisonedantidote has it right, badly needed damage control.

I never heard the bit about men being brought in for the pope’s pleasure, that’s interesting!

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@papayalily, @JLeslie: My comment was intended to be tongue-in-cheek. What I meant was that the commentator said “preventing contraception”, not conception.
Basically, he’s saying that if people want to use condoms to prevent disease, that’s okay, but if they want to prevent birth control, no way.
He used the wrong word. I thought it was funny.

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I found the article that you are referring to. The Pope just said that condoms in general are now OK. As for prostitutes he said

But he outlined a possible exception in remarks published Saturday.

“There could be single cases that can be justified, for instance when a prostitute uses a condom, and this can be a first step towards a moralization, a first assumption of responsibility, to develop again the awareness of the fact that not all is allowed and that one cannot do everything one wants,” Benedict said. which is really ambiguous in my opinion. It almost sounds like he’s saying condoms can only be used for “moral” reasons, and prostitutes are exempt from that so they aren’t allowed to use them. Like the prostitutes are really gonna care if the Pope lets them use condoms or not.

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@seelix it is funny, I missed it. :) Thanks for explaining.

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The church tries to take what in nature is one of the strongest forces to help keep the species alive and that is the sex drive. Take a man and try to keep him from having sex all his life and there is going to be problems. He will find a way and unfortunately the boys are easy prey. What would one expect in these conditions? The same goes for the Nuns and keeping them from sex their entire lives. Thus the stories of babies remains found under some of the passage ways between the priests and Nuns rooms. This is not natural expecting men/women to keep a strong drive under control and one can expect things to go wrong. Trying to keep our internal instincts in control all the time is asking for the trouble that is happening and will continue to happen. As far as the Pope talking about condoms I think it is a damage control issue also.

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I don’t know if he really said that or not, but if he did, I think that’s funny as hell.

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@DerangedSpaceMonkey and everyone else…I posted a link to the article. He said nothing about gay prostitutes. He blathered something about not allowing prostitutes to use condoms lest the practice of prostitution becomes accepted. Or something like that.

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@Dutchess_III How unfortunate. You took away my funny moment with the Pope. Damn you to hell! How could you destroy my happiness? LOL Just kidding.

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O no. Have I been excommunicated from Fluther??!! Nah. I think I’ll decline!

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@Dutchess_III I would l never try to excommunicate you from Fluther. I just want your head delivered to me on a silver platter. Mwhahaha!!! LOL

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But….I’m not done with it @DerangedSpaceMonkey!

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@Dutchess_III Well when you die can you leave it to me in your will? LOL

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You’re sick!!! LOL!

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@Dutchess_III You don’t even know me. Normally it takes someone hours to figure out that I’m sick. LOL

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Your av and name pretty much spell it out!

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@Dutchess_III Well you know what? My name and avatar is not my fault. It’s all my parents fault. That is my real name and that is an actual portrait of me. It’s all in the genes. LOL

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Your parents should be spanked!!!

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@Dutchess_III LOL I’ll get right on that. Should I use my bare hands, a belt or should I just get mid-evil on their asses?

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